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I have just passed my sift for RNR officer, and am trying to get as much info as possible for AIB preparation, and my role in the RNR in general. I know that as a regular, the interview is geared towards the branch that you intend to go into (and that specific training pipeline), but in the RNR I understand that the branch you end up joining is more to do with the requirements of the Navy at the time - does this mean you should choose and commit to a branch of preference at this stage? Also, when I went for my information day at HMS Sherwood, I wanted to do engineering. Now that I know that its only for ex/regulars, where can I get more information on RNR branches and what my role within them as an officer would entail? Most of the reading material that I've come across is aimed at regulars.



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Don't worry about a branch - it will take you 1 to 2 years to get through to the point of your fleetboard. You should get branch briefs as you progress through, or you can go to branch weekends to get a taster. You will nominate a branch about 6 months before fleetboard.

Concentrate therefore on your AIB, and if you get through, 1A and 1B. You'll be more than busy enough.

SHERWOOD should have the A5 booklet with the branches in if you ask. It might be good to have an idea of what the branches are when you go to AIB. Good luck.
I understand that you will wish to ensure that you are able to, at least, discuss the branches at AIB. Best bet is to ask at Your unit. Basically, and I may have missed some:
Check those out.

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