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I am currently working for a large civil engineering company dealing with water resources who do a lot of work for WASH (water sanitation health) projects and the likes. I would very much like to get into the humanitarian side of things and therefore the skills I can pick up in the naval reserves seem invaluable. My experience is largely in water resources from a more infrastructure side. I have international development experience outside work too.

I have an interest in the medical branch of the RNR, yet have no medical training. Would it therefore be possible to sign up as an officer or rating (probably rating first then see how I go) and gain the skills to serve in the medical branch over time? Or can you only specialise as a reserve with the medical branch if you are already a medical professional? I know the army reserves have a combat medical technician role for which no previous training is required, is there something similar in the navy?

Any insight would be appreciated!


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The RNR have no training pipeline for medics of any description (Doc, NN, MA). To get qualified on two weeks a year would take a millennium, I should have thought.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.
I do know, however, trained medics who have come into the RNR at a number of levels.


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