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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Branch-Hopper, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. Just the one?

    Congrats, Chief.

    Chief Petty Officer (New Entry Instructor) David Henry GIBSON
    Royal Naval Reserve
  2. Were you seriously expecting more!?
  3. There is still the possibility for the Birthday Honours, though in last year's smaller batch (which was the New Years one) it was all TA.

    Out of interest is nomination for the QVRM an "anyone" can nominate or does it have to be through chain of command explicitly? If the former then crack on and nominate someone!

    Ref: JSP 761 Chapters 1 and 4.

    1. The QVRM is awarded to men and women of any rank/rate, in all three services, in recognition of exemplary personal performance over an extended period of service in the Volunteer Reserve Forces. It is announced in the Armed Forces section of the New Year and Queen's Birthday Honours Lists and recipients, who are entitled to the letters “QVRM” after their name, will attend an investiture. The medal is circular in shape, made of silver, and hangs from a dark green ribbon with three narrow gold stripes. In the official Order of Wear, the QVRM is classed as a Decoration and is worn after any other Decorations but before Campaign and Operational Service Medals and Long Service & Efficiency awards.

    2. Nominations will be called for twice yearly, to the same timescales as other Honours and Awards citations, as part of the New Years Honours and Queen's Birthday Lists.

    3. Recommendations for the award of the QVRM are to be submitted on Form JPA S004 in accordance with JSP 761, Chapter 4. Each unit is strongly encouraged to forward a citation for their most deserving candidate (officer or rating). This will allow an even spread of citations to be staffed and forwarded to higher authority for comparison and selection.

    4. It will be usual that members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces shall have completed 10 years' efficient service before being recommended for award of the Medal. Only in exceptional circumstances shall recommendations be considered for those with less than 10 years' service.

    5. To be eligible for recommendation for the QVRM, members of the RNR/RMR must be serving on a commission or engagement under which they are liable for part-time training, required to reach specified levels of efficiency and undertake a voluntary, enforceable obligation for call-out and embodiment.

    6. Exemplary personal performance in the following aspects of Volunteer Reserve service will be particularly important when considering recommendations for the award of the QVRM:

    a. Recruiting and the documentation and administration of recruits and their training.

    b. Maintaining high standards of individual skill at arms or combat specialisation and in collective training at all levels.

    c. The successful raising of new Units or the success of Units following amalgamation or change of arm, branch etc.

    d. Efficient and effective carrying out of administration including clerical duties, stores maintenance and accounting and the administration of pay, rations, fuel, etc.

    e. The welfare and morale of Units, including the provision or encouragement of messing, social and welfare activities, sports, etc.

    f. Individual staff and liaison appointments outside Units or at formation of other headquarters.

    g. Encouraging links between the RNR/RMR and the Cadet Forces, particularly through the provision of expertise and training.

    h. Representing the RNR/RMR to the general public through bands, guards of honour, display teams, participation in or support for major local events, etc.

    i. Performance while temporarily filling posts that would normally attract higher rank/rate.

    j. Prolonged service, but only when accompanied by exceptional achievement and merit.

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