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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Captain_Jacks, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Is it me or does everyone in the RNR seem to be on a big downer right now.

    Everyone i seem to talk to seem completely hacked off

    Why is it????
  2. Its all to do with this recruitment drive milarchy. Once you get them in what do you do with them.
  3. There are several factors contributing to this

    1) Inaccurate and/or late pay
    2) Being told we must act "professionally" even though they can't get our pay right
    3) Training being cancelled at the last minute for pathetic reasons
    4) Constant upheaval in branches/training
    5) Uncertainty over the relevance or long-term future of the RNR.

    But it's not bad as a drinking club. :lol:
  4. then there is the you can only do 30 days training and it would seem any more and you either do not do it, or you give your time for free. For the first part it is November FFS and for the second I don't think so! They want me, they have to pay for me!
  5. A couple of our lads went off with the TA for the weekend to give them a hand.

    Our lads were shocked to hear a couple of them being told that they would have to limit their training for the rest of the year because some of them had already accumulated over 100 days!!!


    There's something wrong guys. If they think they're gonna call me up after not training me for the next six months they've got another thing coming.

    How do they expect to keep people in if they cant afford to train them?
  6. At the end of the day If you don't like-leave, no-one is keeping you here.

    1 & 2 The JAP pay fiasco is a service wide problem, not the RNR's fault. Latest I've heard is the RN are going to be hit equally as hard, and their pay is considerably more important than ours! The same thing happened 20 years ago when computerised pay was first introduced.
    3. A small amount of training is cancelled compared to the actual amount that takes place.
    4. Change is inevitable. The RN are currently going through the same thing.
    5. The only uncertainty over the future I have heard has been on Rum Ration. If anyone has any firm information apart from 3rd hand rumour and speculation, lets hear it.

    Drinking club?-How about having the glass half full for a change.

    Have another look here: http://www.rumration.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=2214.html

    (edited bekuse I stil kant speel)
  7. Sorry mate, I think you will find that is what is happening which is why we are in the state we are in.
  8. In my experience people are not leaving in any greater numbers than they have done in my 20 odd years in the RNR. Yes fewer people are joining, but that problem is not unique to the RNR. I don't feel any of the reason above preclude people from joining, unless they read them here first of course.
  9. Mods, any reason why we can't keep this to one thread? There seems to be a proliferation of angst-ridden introspective threads that all have the same theme.
  10. Really? we were briefed that the net loss to the RNR is about 20 per month.
  11. I love the reserves and although training getting cancelled is a bit disheartening I still think moral in my branch is high.
  12. 'e'

    Thought that I would chuck this in as it appears to be missing on this thread.

    If you can't spell it you can't have it!!!!!!!
  13. I enjoy it too, in fact I'm not terribly bothered by the problems I listed above. I was merely answering the original question of why some people are hacked off.
  14. I'm not saying numbers aren't falling. Numbers are falling because we are not getting them through the door in the first place. The turnaround of people in the RNR has always been massive. Getting people to come to open evenings etc. is not affected by JPA or weekends being cancelled. Fewer people want to join in the first place, so numbers are bound to fall as a result. The new recruiting campaign might help. Addressing the wider problem of public attitude is a harder nut to crack.
  15. We have got the same problem as Marks and Spencers' had. If the punters do not like what you are offering when they will not come into the store and boy.
    Whilst I admire loyalty and pride, I think Old Salt might consider wiping his rose coloured glasses.
  16. Does anyone have an idea if the loss is specific to a region? Our unit seems to have no problem getting people through the door and I have seen very few people leave...
  17. Fair point , but in my experience thay are not even interested in finding out what we have to offer in the first place. Ask anyone in the street what the RNR is and they won't have a clue. What they would do in the RNR isn't a factor, when they don't even know what it is. It's not as if we have hundred's of people coming to information evenings and then saying 'no thanks'.
  18. Ask anyone in the street what the Royal Navy is and, frequently, you might get a similar answer.
  19. I am not harking back to the good old days, but the greatest recruiting aid was that grey warship, alongside the STC. You could see, touch, smell and image yourself on it. Of cause once at sea you were sea sick, worn out and smelly. But it did sort the men from the boys (it was political acceptable in them days)
  20. I give up.
    You could have a Fleet alongside, if they won't walk through the gate it doesn't matter.

    To paraphrase Clinton 'Its the public perception of the Armed Forces stupid!'

    How does harking back to the 'good old days' help us today. 'Dear Bangladesh etc, can we please have our ships back...'

    Why do people join the RN?, AFCO don't have ships alongside.
    We don't have grey ships. We are not going to get them. We have got to make the best of what we have. Perhaps they are not joining because people keep saying 'it's not like it used to be'!

    We had an open evening a few weeks ago. Only 6 turned up, but 5 Came back to join, why, because they where interested in what they saw. Not someone saying sorry, but it used to be more fun.

    Negativity and backward looking views will not help at all. Maybe I am playing a fiddle while the RNR burns, but I will try my damnedest to show a positive face to those around me. Am I wrong to do so?

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