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RNR Medical


I appreciate looking through the forums, this question has been asked before.. however no answer was really definitive in terms of requirements, and all answers are some years old. Most previous questions seemed to revolve around the reasons why and, complaints on the whys of the situation.

Anyway, I am very interested in joining the RNR, maybe as an officer. But I notice from the medical criteria, that psoriasis puts a bar on entry, but some quotes seem to state only if more than 5% of the body is affected, others mention if it is an active condition, what constitutes an active condition, as in my experience once you have it it doesn't go away.

Anyway my question is not can I join or will I be OK, as that's effectively for the Medical officer to decide, I would just appreciate some advice from someone who may know, if it is a blanket bar for any form of active psoriasis, or is the 5% thing or any other factors considered. Either way I am going to apply, and just make them aware of the situation as and when needed, if I get rejected then so be it. but it would be nice to know before hand how much chance I actually stand



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Paging Ninje and Angry Doc please.....

In the meantime your Course of Action is sensible...



Thank you very much, that advice is most helpful, I feel slightly more confident that I may at least stand a chance reading that.

Thank you again.
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