RNR Medical entry requirements

Good day all,

Was hoping someone on here would know the up to date medical regs for joining the reserves.

I contacted my "local" RNR unit but they werent much help - go for a medical and we will see.

The reason I ask is I have a bit of medical history(10+years ago). I am currently a merchant navy officer with worldwide unrestricted medical but our requirements are a bit more lax.

Any references or phone numbers/e-mails much appreciated.



I have now left the RNR on age grounds but have had experience of the medical services when in a marginal medical condition. It will depend on who examines you and how they interpret the rules that they are working from. If you are going through the Standard New Entry Ratings course things like asthma, knee injuries and heart problems will probably flag up concerns.
The important thing is to give it a go and take as much medical evidence of what happened to you as you possess or can get hold of. Doctors feel much happier when reading something another doctor has written rather that you telling them what happened.
The bottom line is that Docs have a duty of care to protect people joining the RNR and to prevent exacerbating existing conditions. It also covers their back if you later have a serious "incident".
Go for it and good luck.
I had hoped that someone connected with performing medicals for RNR might have read my post.

My current occupation prevents me joining any of the other reserves anyway but I had hoped to join the RNR and perhaps serve.

My past medical history doesnt prevent me doing my job in the merchant service and the BFT or whatever the fitness test is called now is no problem. To be honest I can complete the tests well within the alloted times for people far younger than myself.

I had previously tried to arrange a medical but my work pattern made it difficult and the recruiting office have singularly failed to return my calls.

Anyone out there know if its worth my while...
I'm 36 and actually an engineer officer with STCW95 everything including 111/2 Chief eng.

I know RNR doesnt use MN engineers but was more interested in SNO on STOFT. Lot of misunderstandings between MN and RN and more than a few differences in SOP.

Was looking for some insight into medical requirements and examples of similar circumstances as mine.

Rather not say exactly medical problems on open forum but no mental illness(other than that required for a seagoing career), No heart problems, never had Asmtha.

As they say forewarned is Forearmed

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