RNR- Medical Assistant/Operating Department Practitioner

Hello all,

I'm currently studying at university to become an Operating Department Practitioner, and I am very interested in joining The RNR once qualified.

I've been looking on this site and Google for any information on Medical Assistants and ODP's serving within the RNR, but cannot seem to find much.

Does the RNR recruit MA's/OPD's? If so, what is the best way of going about Joining?
No RNR MAs; there are RNR ODPs, however it's a) a fairly small branch and b) rating only. I would say go to an AFCO, but they do have limited visibility of what roles the RNR fulfill. Where do you live - I would suggest you get yourself down to the nearest RNR location, and ask to speak to a Medical Branch person for "ground truth". Be warned though, the Med Branch has moved to "national" training, so there are no promises you'll find one in on any given night!
Thanks for the advice. I live in Colchester, so I assume the nearest RNR unit to me would be in London.

I have considered the RAMC, but I would like to see what the RNR has to offer opposed to the TA. I know that with TA ODP's they are recuited into Local or national Units, and at the moment deployments would likely be to Afghanistan.

With regards to ODP's serving in the RNR, is there scope for being deployed in Afghanistan? Also do ODP's (Regular Royal Navy and RNR) serve at sea?
They will serve at sea, but they are not part of a sea-going assignment. For example, RFA ARGUS (our Primary Casualty Receiving Ship) requires the full theatres shebang when in role, but not for stoofing around off Falmouth. At the moment, the main (practice) role-out for ARGUS is conducted primarily by the RNR, as most of our medics are in Afg!



The recent ARGUS exercise was mainly RN with only a smattering of RNRs. Not sure why - usually is it very Reservist-heavy but it was mainly the RN that got pinged this time!

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