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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Mattlondon, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys I'm looking at joining RNR London as a UWFP diver. I meet the basic requirements and am fairly confident I'd do ok on the fitness tests.
    Could you tell me what days RNR London parade and does anyone know if they are holding an open evening anytime soon. Also, what would the training commitment be like both during phase 1+2 training and once fully trained.


  2. HMS President (London Division Royal Naval Reserve)

    Drill night is every Tuesday 19:00 to 21:00, you can get more info on PRESIDENT from the RN website or from your local AFCO (Armed Forces Careers Office ), they are based near St Katharines Dock

  3. London should be like other units and hold regular acquaint nights on drill night (and possibly on a weekend day as well). If you speak to your local AFCO they will be able to arrange that for you, as they'll be handled your recruitment process anyway it is a good idea to get in touch with them as soon as. Security clearance takes a while potentially and some genius decided they won't pay RNR recruits until they are cleared - so it is in your interest to get that done as soon as!

    In terms of commitment - phase 1 is flexible, people have jobs etc so you aren't expected to be able to attend every training session. You do regional weekends in addition to drill nights, they'll get you up to speed on kit, drill, phys, and general naval stuff. Then there are two national weekends - Marinisation at BRNC Dartmouth and Militarisation at HMS Raleigh. They run once every 3 months or so. You need to have done both national weekends before, as well as enough regional ones, to be judged ready to go to Raleigh for the two week course. After that you begin branch training.

    There is also a possibility, if you have no job for instance, of doing the RN Rating course at Raleigh which is 10(or 9?) weeks continuous training. The main advantage of this is it covers far more than RNR phase 1 and so jumps you through about 2 years of RNR training courses.

    Good luck with the recruitment process.
  4. Thanks for the help guys!
  5. How long does this usually take?? For phase 1 training? I'm going to HMS Wildfires recruiting evening on Wednesday.

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  6. Sadly far too long - you will be bored to tears with the whole idea before anything positive happens - bit don't worry the SoS and the board are aware of this.

  7. Well I attended the evening last night. Was very good am keen to join. Everyone seems very negative about it. Whether it's separate units that are pants or RNR as a whole?! We shall see!

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  8. It will depend greatly on your liaison at the Unit.

    A pro-active unit will get you in early doors to join a Holding class which helps to keep you motivated. They'll also keep in regular contact with you to make sure things are happening as they should.

    If this doesn't happen prepare to lose interest very quickly and wither on the vine like countless others.

    Good luck though. It's worth it when you're in.
  9. Thanks Trehorn.... Haven't heard bad things about Wildfire so far on here so hoping they will be good recruiters! They said the application would take 2-6 months, a long time. I was expecting 2 years minimum like regulars! So win win!

    If anyone has good experiences they wanna share I'm sure would help some peeps! :)

    Happy Halloween!

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  10. There are no good experiences of the recruitment process. Only some experiences are less painful than others.

    Like I say, it's worth it in the end. Stick with it.
  11. Sorry don't mean the recruitment part just RNR in general! Paperwork n tests are never fun!

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  12. The RNR is ace. If you have the time and can be bothered to make an effort you can benefit from some awesome experiences.

    In the 12 years I've been in I've visited places such as Antwerp, Limassol, Vigo, Dubai, Bahrain, Barcelona. I've been on ships such as Lindisfarn, Grafton, Chatham, Oakleaf, Mounts Bay, Lyme Bay, Cardigan Bay.

    I took part in the RNR 100 parade at Horse Guards with over 1500 other RNR's. I did a sail past of Lizzy and Phil at the Traf 200. I took part in the BOA parade in Liverpool. And best of all, the very best - I'm walking out on the pitch at Elland Road this weekend and have passes into the players lounge after the game. Tastic.

    If I hadn't had so many courses to do over the years I'd have been to loads more places on loads more ships.

    If you're at a good unit you'll be keen as mustard because as well as the training you get to do it's the laughs you have doing it. I was in Liverpool this weekend with 10 of my shipmates plus another thirty from other units. The shoot was good (always good to keep your hand in) but the bits in between the shoot were just funny. Taking the p*ss out of each other at every opportunity. I met up with really good mates I haven't seen in years.

    When I got home the missus kept asking me what I was smiling at all day but when I told her she just didn't get it.
    There you go. A bit of good and a bit of bad - a nice balanced view for you.
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  13. This is what I was after! You certainly have had a well worth it RNR career!

    Not sure whether you can answer or not but I'm a leisure centre manager so I work shift work. Apart from it potentially taking longer what's the view on people like me?? I assume they accept it.

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  14. If there's one thing the RNR can't stand its leisure centre managers.
  15. Awesome!!!

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  16. Hi Jonesy

    I hope you enjoyed your evening down at HMS Wildfire, we're a very friendly unit and there's a vibrant New Entry programme.

    The recruitment process can be a bit painful, from experience of going through it last year the best advice I can give is to keep in regular contact with the AFCO to make sure they don't forget about you. I was lucky that my process from recruitment evening to ID card only took about 4 months, but it can realistically be double that. Stick with it though, it is well worth the effort once you get to your first drill night in rig.

    Feel free to shout if you have any other questions.

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  17. Thank you!!! I will direct my enquiries to you!! Just need to get back to running more!

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  18. In fact could you clarify the process for me??
    Application form, RT, medical, fitness, interview?
    Security clearance.. Can you got to drill nights during this?? Or after your cleared?

    Then 3 weekends and 24 days? Any order?!


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