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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Captain_Jacks, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. last year i worked for a small employer who made it known that if i go they will find some other way to make me loose my job. (their words were who is more important us or the navy, make the choice!! hence i am not there) 8O Small companies dont care, the papers dont care, the navy does not care. We go off do the job and are expendable. RFA, there are always ways round that!

    I have a friend who is an HR manager for a national company, who told me that if they had the choice of an employee who is in the TA/RNR over someone who is not they will always choose the latter, so you wonder why so many people now do not disclose to their employers that they are in the RNR. I know in my branch that "only those been deployed or volunteered" were promoted. :eek:

    Career prospects in own job as member of rnr: - slim. In RNR even more slim as not been away yet.
    Own job outwith RNR - better

    And we still do this job for the RN with very little appreciation :D

    I must be mad where is Roger the cabin boy.....
  2. Despite the law which would, I hope, ensure that it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against RNR / TA personnel in this way plus the fact that they are legally obliged to hold your post open for you if mobilised, the sad reality is that there is really no way to monitor this. If you go and lose your job it might take months to get through a tribunal and would you realistically want it back?

    Perhaps our resident Super Laywer Lady knows a way around it ... ?

  3. I can only comment by saying I have an excellent employer who supports the RNR. I know it is an easy thing to say, but the kind of employer that does not support your home-work balance is really not worth working for. Today is the the RNR, tomorrow it will be when someone close to you is ill and you need time to care.

    As far as I am aware there is no statute about discrimination in respect of liability for the Reserve Forces, but there should be. I would only suggest speaking to the people at SABRE for what they are worth, and maybe we can get a campaign going for suitable legislation.

    You are simply too kind, that will be £250 plus VAT please!
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Been there, done that, got the P45! :)
  5. I suppose that the real job has to come first if you need to pay the mortgage and feed the little AB'. I guess in the past when the only time a reservist might be called up was a full on war so employers were not too bothered, but now we have got our dicks caught up in the muslim mayhem machine they stand a real good chance of losing employees.
    I suppose if you feel that strongly about service, quit the day job and join the regulars, at least they will look after you.
  6. Just that these days you really can't trust them to look after you when you leave, and will they kit you out properly etc while you are in.

  7. Why mate, are they shitting on ex servicemen now? Do tell..
    About the kit, I would have to agree.
  8. Drill night orders for my unit now start with "1925 LEAVE EXPIRES".

    This is slightly worrying as I know the RN has a very dim view of sailors who "moonlight", eg. have another job in their spare time. Is it now "Time to Tell" my XO (new name for RNSO) that I actually have another job and do infact work for a living? Will I have to ask his permission to continue to do so?

    (Dwells a pause of two marching paces and extracts tongue from cheek)
  9. I have no probs with my employer - very large well known aero company. They are even going to help us recruit in company. Some of our guys in the other reserves have been mobilised and had their jobs kept open for them.

    Agree it's difficult to monitor smaller companies though - they could just turn round at a tribunal and say you spent too much time talking to mates and things. Easy to find another excuse.
  10. Head office in Lancashire perchance ?
    If it is, most of their hierarchy are ex-Zobs who still think they are wearing light blue :wink:
  11. They haven't have they? I know that sometimes PSIs have difficulty a) imagining that the RN doesn't pay the mortgage, and b) working out what it is we do the rest of the week when we're not wearing dark blue, but honestly...

    On a more serious note, they need to sort out employer relations in a big way, otherwise the only people who will be able to be in the reserves will be those in the public sector, or those on the dole.

  12. My business partner and I, in our small company, currently employ two people albeit one is part time. After being in the mob myself I'm totally sympathetic, but one of them disapearing on six monther (seven if you include leave) would be major blow for us.
  13. Very fair point. As someone who has been through this process, my employer was surprised, at the time, since "but Iraq's over and why would they need sailors in Afghanistan, it's landlocked".

    Once the war-fighting phase is over, the general public think the whole thing is over and done with. I suppose it was ever thus.

    Either way, when you back you'll be six months deskilled in your 'day job'.

    As to joining the regular service there has been much talk about altering the path between reg/res service, like all things matelot, it's taking a lifetime.
  14. Not quite - but yes there are a lot of ex-zobs, although not many in the hierarchy.
  15. The law is that there is nothing to stop employers discriminating against reservists - there are only two things they can't do: first, they can't sack you because of your call-up liability, and second, if you are called up they have to give you your job back when you return.

    Note there is nothing about them not discriminating against you when they are hiring you, on promotion, etc. If your employer decides not to hire or promote reservists there is nothing you can do about it. The government does not see any need to change with the current arrangements.
  16. Claim to be gay/lesbian/muslim/hindu/buddhist/welsh and take them to tribunal for discrimating under those circumstances.

    Has the advantage of increasing the RNRs quota for minority groups to boot.

    Where there's a will, there's a way.
  17. The Grown ups don't help, its ok for them in their Directorships, being able to pay someone to run their businesses. hence the classic quote down the Gulf" this will fantastic for your career" my response" will it bollocks, this is what I do for fun not a career, you don't pay enough".
    I know the warmongers (most of whoms only experience of sea time is the Torpoint or Gosport ferries) will say leave then, but why should I. I enjoy the RNR and I'm prepared to do my bit, but when will the upper echelons realise that we do this for the love of it and not for civilian career improvement. until this is done people will continue to leave in droves, as we have no support from either employer, the RNR or the law.
  18. :D :D :D :D :D :D Like your style sir! top of the class for you :wink:
  19. Hey steady this warmonger quite enjoys a jolly on the Torpoint and Gosport ferry....!!! :twisted:
  20. Hey steady this warmonger quite enjoys a jolly on the Torpoint and Gosport ferry....!!! :twisted:

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