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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by fullasternboth, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. For the benefit of Unclealbert and anyone else who is confused.

    AWNIS-Allied Worldwide Navigation Information System-Organisation that publishes where to go and where not to during war.
    CMR- Commander Maritime Reserves also Known as COMMARRES-The Boss
    CWO-Command Warrant Officer-The Boss’s Sidekick, thought by some to be a member of Rum Ration!
    DNRes-Director Naval Reserves-What CMR used to be
    FE-Functional Employer-Depending on branch, a 4 ring captain who likes having us around in case there’s a war
    GSSR-General Service Seaman Reserve-Sailors with guns providing Ships Protection Teams (SPO) (Also, God's Chosen People)
    Mar Ops-Maritime Operations Branch- The branch to which GSSR, NCAGS, AWNIS etc belong. The badge is causing much concern as there is only one badge, AB2, No AB1. LS or PO
    NCAGS-Naval Coordination and Guidance of Shipping-Organisation that makes sure we know where merchant ships are and try’s to make sure they don’t stray into anything nasty.
    NE-New Entry-Nuff Said
    PONE-Potential officers New Entry Course –Civilian to AB2RNR in three weeks
    R’s-The letter “R†in an officers executive curl, denoting them as RNR. In rum Ration the “R†is taken to mean any marks distinguishing RNR from RN.
    RU’s-Reserve Units. 13 scattered throughout the country where training (allegedly)takes place. Formerlly called RTC's (Reserve Training Centres)

    No doubt to be continued…….
  2. Well thanks for that FSB I`m printing it as we speak, and there was me thinking you lot were making it all up as you went along just to confuse the troops.

    Oh and I`d just like to say, thanks for looking out for an old stoker who didn`t know his AWNIS from his NCAGS.
  3. RNR Lists As referred to by the Uncle_Albert (rather than UncleAlbert) in the URNU thread.

    Anyone joining the RNR belongs to a particular list. The list you belong to determines what training you carry out.

    List 1: Professional Seaman Officer types who have been trained in the ways of the Sea by the Merchant Navy but who can be called up by the RN when needed. Are not required to turn up at RU's (see above) very often as they are normally sailing off into the wild blue yonder. Make up the bulk of the RNR Amphibious Warfare Branch.

    List 2-The RNR Air Branch. Ex RN WAFU’s, fully trained, booted and spurred, each with their own Sea King in the garage.

    List 3- The "Normal" RNR commitment. Carry out Minimum 24 Days per Year of which 2 weeks must be continuous (or 2 blocks of 5 days), Turn Up Regularly at RU's

    List 4-Turn up less than List 3, have to complete a certain amount of weekends plus 2 weeks training a year. Not required at RU's but keep appearing for Mess Dinners.

    List 5-Same as List 4 but only do two weeks training a year.

    List 6-Fully booted and spurred list three's who have moved to Outer Mongolia and cannot turn up for any training, but can still be called up when the S*** hits the fan. (Actually not quite sure if this still exists)

    List 7-The URNU's. No Call up liability but a jolly good wheeze all the same.

    All RNR's (Except List 7) have call up liability in time of tension, crisis or war under Reserve Forces Act 96 (RFA 96).
  4. Still around - some of the SR MSAs who weren't fast enough to get into another spec were offered List 6 or the door.

    Some more...

    RNSO - Royal Navy Staff Officer - now rebranded XO, but may go back to Staff Officer as their is debate about their actual "Executive" powers.
    SM - Support Manager. They who control the purse strings.
    PSI - Permanent Staff Instructor. Complain about having to be in on drill nights, but have Monday morning, Friday afternoon and a make and mend off every week :wink: . The 'I' is misleading!
    SMB - Senior Management Board
    UTO - Unit Training Officer - followed by their responsibility. (S) is Specialisations (all post NE training) while (I) is Initial - obviously all NE training. Member of the SMB.
    STO - Specialisation Training Officer. Used to be BTO (Branch Trg Officer), then BSTO - now just STO. Report to UTO(S)
    RNR16 -'Request' form for exercises and courses.
    Bounty - tax free dosh if you achieve your training commitment (see Lists). Steadily rises until year 5. What many live for!
    Logs - Logisitics (also Lots Of Glorious Sunshine - because that's where they seem to go all the time), but confusingly NOT the same as the RN Logisitics branch!

    And there are many more ...
  5. List 8 - SCC and CCF(N) officers. No call-up liability, as with List 7.
  6. Delete Coordination. Add Cooperation

    NCAGS. Rolls off the tongue so easily!!! A NATO decision by committee meeting. I believe!!! Why not Maritime Trade? Oh, hang on a minute.....here it comes!!!!
  7. So first we controlled, then coordinated, now we cooperate. What next Suggest? Ask Nicely? Drop the odd subtle hint? PC crowd gone mad again.
  8. As I was told Control and Coordinate suggest an element of responsibiltiy if anything goes wrong. So the lawyers changed it to cooperate in order to save us from getting sued.
  9. BeerBad
    There is some truth in the legal consideration but we also had a couple of 'uncomfortable' experiences under the old NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) badge when certain 'host nations' during Exercise planning politely informed us that if we thought we were going to come into THEIR country and CONTROL shipping in THEIR ports and WATERS we had another think coming!!!

    I don't think we ever adopted a Co-ordination half way house just went straight for the Co-operation

    Interestingly enough (at least I find it interesting) our cousins in the good ole US of A still CONTROL (or so they think!) and PROTECT with THEIR organisation being Naval Control and Protection of Shipping (NCAPS). It is such a delight being part of NATO and all singing from the same hymn sheet!
  10. Roger, but sentiment still stands!

    That is quite interesting as I was always lead to believe NCS was changed because of the Americans and that NCAGS was a US term.
  11. [quote Fullasternboth] That is quite interesting as I was always lead to believe NCS was changed because of the Americans and that NCAGS was a US term.

    I regret the UK must take FULL responssibility for the NCAGS acronym - it was far too gentle for the US and had absolutely no tangible link to blood, guts, veins in teeth, dead burnt bodies etc. On the other hand it was very PC and could be easily adapted to suit the needs of even the most touchy feely nations should the need arise.

    On a serious note though, NCS (as was) / NCAGS (as is) has always been the UK's area of expertise and we have consistently taken the lead throughout NATO in its development and promotion towards NCAGS now being properly subsumed into the hugely more satisfactory and all encompassing Maritime Trade Operations (MTO).
  12. Sorry to be pedantic but it is Guidance for not Guidance of ..
  13. NCAGS - also know as the Naval Collisions And Grounding Service.... ;-)
  14. Re the "R" in rank curls, rumour has it that these will be defunct from April... also, SLOPS no longer appear to be issuing epaulettes with them in.

    C4ISAR - Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance - soon to be C4ISTAR (T - Targetting) to bring the RNR into line with the grown ups... has 3 sub-specs - Information Operations, Op Intel and CIS - Comms (or is it Computing...?) & Information Systems.
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Definitely COMMS not Computing.
  16. Interesting Fiction: Rumour has it that copper wire was invented by two SMs fighting over a penny!!
  17. Deployment - fictional location somewhat akin to nirvana, where good things happen and your training gets put to use. Something to look forward to when you die.

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