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Afternoon all

I've recently joined the RNR and always had the intention of going into one of the Int branches as it would link up very well with my civvy street work. However I have a number of questions, especially regarding entry, I've been unable to answer or would like confirmed from looking online/asking at the AFCO. A lot of my info seems to be out of date or contradictory.

I would ask at my unit but our Int officer is currently doing about 4 jobs around ship and is thus very hard to get hold of in the couple of hours we get on parade nights. I have spoken to him briefly a number of times and he agreed with my above analysis that my civvy work would fit well with the branch as a whole.

Understand there is a lot of Opsec involved so I'm happy to converse via email/PM.
what unit are you joining?
The sensitivities of the branch will probably mean that you won't get much decent info on an UNCLAS net, either via PM or email.
The Intelligence Spec can now recruit direct at Phase2 for Ratings and on completion FleetBoard for officers. So you still have some time before anything materially really happens (unless you are about to attend RAL on conf course!)

Thanks for the reply. I'm currently with HMS King Alfred; thoroughly enjoying it but in a bit of a limbo as all new joiners are. A little frustrating but they keep us busy and I'm hoping to get on HERMES this year (possible eyesight issue keeping me awake at night though!).

Thanks for confirming the recruitment; am I correct also that there is a weekend interview at a unit before someone would be considered?


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FERRET is running four orientation weekends during 2015 - see CMRTM 13/15 on Defence Connect for more information including dates, eligibility and how to apply to come along.


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I would suggest that the danger of trying to link civvy work to RNR work is that you quickly get frustrated when you find that the RNR isn't remotely interested in how you do it in the real world, and has no intention of changing.

Also, remember that this is your spare time you are talking about. If you are constantly doing the same thing, then it quickly gets boring or like a busmans holiday. I'd very very strongly push for you to do something totally different, so when after a few years the inevitable 'why am I doing this' moment happens on a Friday evening (we've all been there), you can at least realise its not two more days in the office, but something totally different.

Treat the RNR as a fun activity, not an extension of your real job - it will keep it fresher for longer.
I would agree that your comments probably apply to most people, but not all people. Good advice, but there is a chance (granted, unlikely) that it will not apply!

Thanks for the honest response, I do get what you're saying. However I'm somewhat blessed in that I do genuinely enjoy my day job and feel the RNR could take it to a new level. At the very least I'd like to at least see what Int does and how I could fit in, the issue you mentioned of how the RNR could ignore what I'm used to does seem like it could be a major fustration. That said my area is one I am aware the military as a whole is just breaking into, another reason I'd like to be there.

But related to what you said what opportunities are there to change branch later on? I've met a number of people at unit who've switched over after x-years.
Transferring to another branch/spec is relatively easy, however it does adversely affect your promotion as you will have to complete xx courses before you can go to the promotion board, the majority of which are spec-related, and you may find that you have to complete several years worth of courses if you transfer.
SR, thanks. So long as it's dooable then I'm alright going for this and then finding I don't like it. I'm not too hung up over promotions... yet ;)

EQG, no actually, I'm not all that keyed up cyber-wise. I can't go into too much detail but I'm involved in countering various naughty narratives held by naughty people who wish to do others harm. Hence looking towards Int, ideally InfoOps or similar which seems to be having resources chucked at it now.

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