rnr info on wknds and stuff?

Sorry for asking cos i would imagine this has been asked a million times. But can any shed anymore light on how many weekends you do what you do during on the weekends and on your week night and so on? i know i could go to a careers office or the rn website but iv found the best info comes from you lot. cheers!!
Spinach, you'll find out soon that nobody will be willing to help you if you're not willing to help yourself first.

Go to the recruiting office and look at the website.
On weekends you undertake training relevant to your branch. On weeknights, depending on unit and branch, you undertake training relevant to your branch or relevent to the RNR in general, or you just do paperwork and drink tea. There are also some more general weekends such as the annual It's a Knockout weekend, or the Crowborough leadership/followership weekends.

You are obliged (on list 3, the most common list to which you would probably belong) to carry out two weeks' continuous training per year (i.e. two weeks away training somewhere), and a further 12 days made up however you like from the weekends your branch offers (within the dictats of your branch - the branch can dictate that you must attend so many weekends of such-and-such type training, for example, and your training officer must approve your weekend training). Generally,a combination of weekends and drill nights. Some branches have more weekend training than others, some have a wider variety than others. You may count two days' AT towards this obligation. Failing to meet the obligation results in not getting bounty and your DO will take a dim view when re-engagement comes around.

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