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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Conor_Moloney, May 4, 2014.

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  1. Hello all,
    i'm an applicant to the regulars who's joined the reserves due to my long waiting list, all of my admin was completed last Tuesday at my Attestation ( JPA Entry form, uniform measurements etc) and I was wondering:

    1) how long will it take to get my uniform? Hate feeling like someone who doesn't belong as it's only me and a few others without kit

    2)how long does it take to get your MOD90? Sick of being escorted to my unit all the time.

    3)how long before HTD travel is paid into my accounts?

    4) how much (as an NE) am I expected to earn per night?

    thanks in anticipation,
    Conor :)
  2. The uniform thing. This seems to vary massively by unit. In the last year in my unit I've seen some new entry still waiting for uniform three or four months after their first drill night (at which they had filled out their form of sizes etc.), but in some units it seems to happen in a couple of weeks.

    At risk of sounding negative, lots of things are going to take a lot, lot longer than they really should, and will happen at a pace that would get someone in civvy street fired. Don't let it get to you; enjoy the good stuff and let the snags wash off.
  3. I have recently joined so can only go with my own experiences but:

    1. Mine arrived within 2 weeks of handing my forms in. Bear in mind its the minimum (1x 4s shirt, 1x 4s trousers, socks and boots). I was one of the few lucky ones though; some people got a mix of shirts/trousers, some still haven't got anything.

    2. Still awaiting mine.

    3. Still haven't been paid, been told it should be sorted by June.

    4. Not sure but it's less than £10 though (before tax).
  4. Why the f*ck can't we sort out pay. Seriously? It's shameful.
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  5. It is annoying not getting paid; it isn't much but with a 40 mile trip to get to the unit it would be nice to get some money back eventually!
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Once the individual is attested & uploaded to JPA (this can be done as soon as the interview is passed, same day), they can be paid. Trouble is, they can only be paid at the end of each month, same as regular service - assuming the unit is on the ball submitting everything for payment.

    Very often people are drawing pay, carrying an ID card and wearing a uniform before they've passed PJFT or gained security clearance, so occasionally they find themselves discharged. Snag is that once a person is issued an I'D card, uniform & paid they then neglect to complete selection elements and howl in indignation stating "Well they shouldn't have issued my uniform, ID card & paid me if I hadn't completed selection.
  7. I guess I can't complain too much, being able to join and attend training nights whilst still completing the application process is a bonus.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I suppose it is for the applicant, but for the service it is a gamble. Arguably if the service is prepared to take that gamble, then the incomplete selection elements are clearly not critical ....in which case, why have a PJFT or security clearance anyway? The Army Reserves don't.
  9. NJ
    issuing kit before final formal entry to service, or completing sy clearance and PJFT etc, is more an intelligent way to increase the likelihood of getting people into the RNR. To be fair, we used to do it unofficially before, but didn't pay them. There will be those who still drop out, but the total cost has got to be less than several TV advertising slots??
    i would call it an investment rather than a gamble, but remember the value of your investment can go down as well as up! :)
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Personally, I don't have an issue with uniform being given early days, definitely travel expenses paid immediately. ID card? That can wait until selection is complete otherwise there is nothing of substance or motivation to complete selection.

    The farcical bit about Reserves recruiting is that the tail is wagging the dog. CMR should be dictating CNR which selection elements and parameters are required, not the other way around.
    As RNR recruits may not get to Raleigh for a year or more, why not include the free gym membership as an integral part of RNR new entry - an hour in the gym every drill night until the RNFT standard is met? For those that wish to progress in the RNR there is then an incentive. Hell, people pay for stuff like personal trainers.

    SC? When are RNR recruits first going to see restricted material? Does it need to be part of AFCO selection?

    Trouble is, CMR, Raleigh, CTC, BRNC & regular service branch managers need to be telling CNR what they want. At present CNR tells you what you are getting. It simply doesn't make sense.
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  11. NJ
    i feel your pain!
    however, a plus point? I know of one unit where anyone who has made INT ( new entry) or after it, can attend the gym at the unit on drill night, before drill and get paid for it! (Sadly, and understandably, PRs can't attend the Gym until passed medical).
    As for ID cards, they are not issued until after SC, though the time to get through the pipeline is coming down. It seems that the main reason for hold ups is the Capita medics making everyone TMU, oh does that mean they then get an extra £70 for the additional appointment?

    as fro CMR directing CNR, I'm sure we would all love that, but it is unlikely to happen :-(
  12. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer


    There's enough unrestricted material to keep ANR busy until his stuff his cleared. I know for a fact that a team of highly skilled operatives is working on it as I type.... I will, however, be having a little word about Rum Ration Pers Sec when I bump into him on Tuesday Night!!!!!!!!! It's only healthy he should have questions.....

    It's not in the RNR's interest to slow this down, there's little worse in my life than seeing people in civvies on parade. We need to get them into 4s and so anchor faced / corps pissed they won't leave again, as they used to do when It used to take 6 months, and it was hard work to get into the organisation.
  13. Do you get a windy or is that later? And thanks for the speedy replies guys!
  14. I take it you mean the waterproof jacket? I guess that will be later; I imagine most kit will be issued as and when you need it. To be honest if you are going straight into New Entry (I'm only assuming by your signature that you have completed all the application stages) I don't know how it will work.
  15. Yes, and I'm going regular, but there's a massive ass 2 year waiting list so I spoke to my CA and they said I should join and depending on how much I complete maybe even complete Raleigh before swapping to regs to do my phase 2. So yes I've got in within 3 days of me expressing my interest. :)
  16. I'm not surprised you got in so quickly; they are desperate for people to join. Again I've only just started so I don't know how long it will take to get to Raleigh but I can't believe it will take more than 2 years to get through Phase 1 and Phase 2.
  17. And often not even then :)
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Interestingly, the hold-ups at medical attributed to Capita are as much a cause of the mob applying the rules more strictly - when the contract initially switched to Capita it was flagged-up there were virtually no TMUs. A much more robust screening regime was introduced and Capita get the blame but I think it's a bit 50/50. Agreed TMUs are a complete pain - there's a straw poll on the PRMC forum and whilst not representative of the whole of UK, so far over 50% of applicants are made TMU at the first medical: Poll: TMU or Passed Fit to Enter first medical? | Page 2 | RoyalMarines.co.uk

    As for the latter, the future is bright now that certain a SO1 has become an 'expert' somewhere else, much to the relief, nay joy of many.;P
  19. In answer to your questions:

    1) I've been in the RNR for 6 months and am still waiting on some kit.

    2) I've been in the RNR for 6 months and am still waiting for a MOD90

    3) I've been in the RNR for 6 months and am still waiting for my HTD travel to be paid to me correctly - I've received some, but not the right amount.

    4) About 9 quid, but you'll spend more than that in the bar afterwards.

    Hope this helps.
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  20. How is this system so inherently rubbish?
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