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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Sopwith_Cameltoe, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. After seeing the RNR do rather well in this years Brickwood Field Gun event (considering they only had two weeks training), who's doing next years?

    It's run by a LT at HMS.K.A (I think)?? :?
  2. I heard about this years performance by the RNR and was gutted at having missed it (I was deployed at the time)

    All things being well I'll be stepping forward next year..!
  3. I am...... :strong:
  4. Good good, spread the word at you units and try to get other people involved. Day on of the 2 weeks training starts Saturday 22nd May with the event taking place on Saturday 5th June.

    From what I hear you get paid for the Sunday as well (can anyone confirm?) as they don't want you driving back on the Saturday due to fatigue.

    We need more participants from the South as the team was mainly Northern Monkies last year, step up to the plate Southerners, the Monkies are making us look bad for the first time ever!! (that’s a taunt by the way Northerners, not a fact!)
  5. Maybe it was because there was so many Southern Jessies in the team that they didn't win this year..?! :D (Joke not fact)
  6. I can add a little information to this picture;

    The officer who runs the Maritime Reserve team is from HMS KING ALFRED, and he does the recruiting for the south.

    The team PTI is from HMS CALLIOPE and he deals with the recruiting from the north.

    The dates for the 2010 FG are 21st May - 6th June with the public runs and finals taking place on the 5th June.

    All training is undertaken at HMS EXCELLENT for the two weeks (up until the Thursday before the event where we move to HMS COLLINGWOOD where the event is held). In addition there are a minimum of two selection and training weekends. One held sometime around Feb/Mar and the other Mar/Apr time. These are run jointly by the team skipper, the PTI and the No.1 trainer (CPOPT from HMS KING ALFRED) and they are held at HMS TEMERAIRE.

    The FG event is not OCT (ORT) but is extra training allowed by CMR and thus does not count towards your bounty. But if you can spare the time you find the ultimate reward in competing in the most extreme team sport in the world (that is still allowed at any rate! (stand fast former command FG runners)). This is the best thing I have ever done in my time as a regular and a reservist and I will recommend it anyone and everyone (as my unit shipmates have found out!)

    For further information email [email protected]

    Hope this helps.
  7. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    PERSEC folks - should those names be deleted?
  8. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bricks delete the names please.....

    But before you do just dwell on " the most extreme team sport in the world (that is still allowed at any rate! (stand fast former command FG runners)). "

    PMSL - Please! And yes, I have done it!

    Car park field gunning is far from extreme!
  9. ewwwwwwwww
  10. And sometimes Chris no firkin Gun :D Thats the enjoyment!
  11. Wow wow wowdi wow sweet child of mine.....

    They don't run command anymore so leave the lad alone, I've never run FG at all and thinking of running Brickwoods. Given the chance I think we'd all like a shot at CFG (although not as many would make it through to the team).

    Plus this is RNR, there is no way on earth they'd let RNR run CFG.... but we can dream! Respect and BZ to all CFG runners.
  12. qqqqqqqqqq
  13. Methinks the Lady doth protest too much... we do know that the CFG is no more. Resigned to a glorious history. Brickwoods is alive, not the same, and will never compare,but its a different competition. What the old hands on this site provide is good matelot bear baiting. You will find that the majority of people on this site, whether they are serving, have served do hold the RNR in the upmost of regard. I have served with many RNR people. I found them to be enthusiastic, dedicated, willing to learn, and a credit to their determination and dogged perseverence to do things to the best of their ability. Do I think they should run in the Brickwoods. Yes! Does this provide you with an honest comment? :wink:
  14. qqqqqqqqqqqqq
  15. I like your honest opinions, that’s what RR is all about and I am glad you support the RNR doing Brickwoods. I remember RNR types when I was in, thought the same as your brother (NorwayChris), but now I'm in the RNR (now if that’s what I thought of the RNR, can't remember why I wanted to join!) I find them to be exactly what trelawney126 says. They.... we give up their.... our own holidays to come and do the regulars job for two weeks. I don't know one full timer that would come and do my job for his two weeks summer leave!

    Go the RNR.... although I'm only a bounty hunter really (kidding!) :p
  16. [qqqqqqqqqqqq
  17. Yes - but only at weekends 8O 8O
  18. Probably the same thing as the other 21 ROYAL NAVY teams!

    I'm sure you'll be asking all those chaps what the hell they do it for too.
  19. Your brother is probably one of those blokes who when faced with working with the RNR doesn't give them the opportunity to contribute.

    I've met some RN who should've been drowned at birth, likewise i've met some RNR who also should, but i dont tar them all with the same brush because I'm not that thick.

    In most cases if you give the RNR a bit of your time when they first arrive you'll find them extremely keen, very helpful, enormously friendly and more than capable. It sounds like your brother didn't rate the RNR before he met any and therefore they didn't stand a chance.
  20. qqqqqqqqqqq

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