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RNR Face to Face Medical

Hi There,

I have a face to face medical next week (for RNR) and wondered if anyone can advise on what the in-person process is like in 2023?

The email details Covid-19 precautions (i.e. peak flow diary at home) but I believe this information might not be accurate as it's the end of 2023.

I have also been advised to bring some information relating to a declared past medical issue (made PMU last year, appealed and upheld) which seems new (but will go armed with dates and information) to speed up the process.

I'm also not sure if I will hear back on the day whether I am fit or TMU/PMU?

Sorry for the abundance of questions, I just want to be prepared as I have been waiting for over a year to progress :)
Hi - i have mine in a few weeks
Assuming you have now had your face to face medical can you advise me on what it will entail or how i can prepare for it?
thanks and good luck
Hi @Charlesmay5,

Apologies for the slow reply, I'm still waiting to hear my outcome! I would advise wearing comfy underwear as you do have to have a physical exam, but this lasted about 5 minutes. There's a few questions that get asked, a physical exam, a hearing test and an eye test, as well as the urine test. The weirdest part was doing all the walking movements but generally the exam was about 45 minutes and the doctor I had was really lovely. I think if you have any medical issue that is flagged in the appointment (history of broken bones etc), you are made TMU until your doctors send the required information and then it all gets reviewed, but I don't know about passing fit or being made PMU.

Sorry I can't be much more help but happy to go into detail about the stages in the assessment if that helps!

Best of luck for yours, I hope it goes really well for you!
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