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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by promsan, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Please could someone post a link to the RNR travel expenses; or post it on the site?

    I did a search, but couldn't find anything.

  2. What exactly you after mate?

    I'm not sure how much info you'll be able to find without being more specific.

    Give us a clue!
  3. I mean how do they calculate it (by the tickets you present or the distance as the crow flies)? How much do they compensate you (per mile for instance)?

  4. Postcode to postcode by the AA routeplanner's route? If it said 24 miles one way you would get 48 miles multiplied by the rate.
  5. You will complete a form with your home to duty and place of work to duty mileage on. The staff will probably check it with a routefinder just to make sure.

    Everytime you sign in your duty will be logged and your travel expenses will be paid.

    If you travel on public transport then you will be asked to provide tickets to prove the cost of your journey. If the costs goes up then you obviously provide another ticket.

    If you stay the night in service accomodation then you are entitled to £5.00 per night incidental expenses (IE). This is to cover you for things such as a phone call home, newspaper, bottle of water etc.

    If you are travelling for over 5 hours from leaving your doorstep then you are entitled to claim up to £21.00 subsistance. You must provide reciepts for this. You are also entitled to one alcoholic drink from this allowance. Be sure you don't decide to spend your £21 on a meal when you arrive at your destination. Apparently this isnt allowed. You must be a certain distance from your final destination.

    You are entitled to tax relief for the laundering of your uniform.

    You are entitled to claim the tax back on any RNR mileage you do. The government allow you to recieve up to 40p per mile in mileage expenses. The RNR pay you about 26p so you can claim back the tax on the 14p by filling in the p87d form.

    Not sure what other expenses we get. It took us seven years to find out about all this. We were getting stiffed for the best part of five years.

    Hope this helps.

  6. I'd like to add that different units seem to interpret the rules and methods differently, and as such your mileage may very well vary. A ha ha.
  7. I dont get anything above 50miles each way for my home to duty every tuesday. As it's a 90 mile trip each way... sigh.
  8. I think the very same unit used to wonder why the Leeds lot didn't come down particularly often.

    Erm, let me think. I do 180 miles round trip to get there, you pay me for a hundred? I won't if you don't mind!

    I don't think i'm speaking out of turn when i say that many people (throughout the RNR) raise their eyebrows when they hear some of the things that are enforced by that particular unit.

    Do they still insist that you fill up hire cars out of your own pocket and reclaim the money through JPA instead of giving you a fuel card like all other units do? :thumright:

  9. RNR grabbing claims again..Nothing but budget drainers!!
  10. Can't do a good firm for enough :thumright:

    I'm sure you'd fill a hire car up out of your own pocket and not bother claiming it back?
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "RNR grabbing claims again..Nothing but budget drainers!! " - thanks Troll - now f*ck off!
  12. Give the guy some credit PT! He obviously works for free!

    Edited to add;

    mancitymick - When was the last time you did something for the RN for nothing?

    For the record I've just purchased a lock for a store cupboard (the second one i've bought) out of my own pocket. I won't seek any recompense. I've trained for free, travelled for free as well as undertaking much RNR business in my own time without pay. I've provided projector screens for recruitment, glasses and cuttlery for the bar, clothes hooks for the changing rooms, framed photo's, presentation plaques etc at no cost to the RNR.

    WHY? Because we needed certain things to be able to function better and project a better image of the RNR/RN and the powers that be would not fund them.

    Whats the problem with claiming things the MOD tell you that you entitled to claim for. We're not pulling the wool over anyon's eyes. As mentioned previously i went five years having the wool pulled over mine, losing out on hundreds of pounds in perfectly justifiable expenses. Now i know about them, i claim them when i'm entitled to.
  13. Don't know about the hire car. Know I'm going to miss the unit horribly if I stay in this locstat, will have to move to eaglet :(
  14. Hi trehorn2,
    I got a letter from the tax office saying I was not entitled to tax relief in respect of cleaning uniform. This was jan08 do you have any more recent info?

  15. I submitted my claim last year. I recieved a phone call questioning my claim.

    Their issue was that they claimed that military establishments had laundry facilites. I pointed out that reserve establishments do not have these facilities.

    They then asked if i ever worked in RN establishments and if so i could do my washing when i visited them!

    I pointed out that they were being unrealistic and they relented.

    I would ask for an explanation as to why your claim has been refused.

    Its only a minimal amount but if you're entitled to it, fight for it! :thumright:
  16. Had same reply from tax man stating only the RN was entitled to laundery exspense's. Argued the case but not interested in the slightest.
  17. As i understand it if you are required to wear a uniform at work then you're entitled to tax relief. Regardless of your occupation.
  18. I was also denied this tax claim, even though it was listed on the weekly bulletin.
  19. The line is you are not entitled to laundry exspense, and that includes all members of the armed forces. Have found the MOD response regarding this in a Defence Instruction Notice dated May 2008. I quote:-

    Tax Relief
    HMRC has been working with us to establish the facts surrounding the provision of laundry facilities to service personnel. In the light of the information we have provided, HMRC has determined that no tax relief is due. The rules under which employees can receive tax relief for costs they incur are very strict. To qualify for tax relief an expense must be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties. Joint Services Publication 886 The Defence Chain Manual states that an individual is entitled to hand in items of personal public clothing to be laundered. Since these free laundry facilities are available to all - and, therefore, it is not “necessary†for you to incur laundry costs - no tax relief is due. In addition to laundry expenses, some claims include the cost of haircuts.This is a personal expense so no tax relief is due.

    Before the RNR starting picking up on "free laundry facilities are available to all" this is the official line. If you are getting tax relief the taxman will be coming to get you. So beware!!!!! :rendeer:

    Here endeth the lesson for today

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