RNR Est Slops

Does anyone know if either the Scotia/Dalriada RNR establishments have a perm manned slops or the like?
I'm RNR, but the day job is in the Merch and some of my oppos are quite impressed by the RN Tropical Shirts (you know the kind, 3 quid a pop) and I've been asked to acquire some.
Faslane is a bit of a hike, but both Rosyth and Greenock are convenient (long story) and was wondering if they would be able to issue said clothing via the usual over the counter cash payment?
I've managed the above at President in the past, but appreciate that's a bigger establishment.
Many thanks in advance,


Lantern Swinger
Scotia i know does but your just as well going to cally's slops. Not sure what they would say to coming in or if they would even have them in.

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