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Applying for jobs atm, and I was wondering if I should class the RNR as part-time employment or not? I put it down as part-time employment on my last application and was rejected from that job because they would want me to be available for shift work on my drill nights.

I get the feeling many of my applications have been rejected because i've put the RNR down on my CV (separate from employment) and they can't be bothered employing a reservist. Do I legally have to tell a potential employer about being a reservist before being offered employment? It's a real shame, because I feel being a reservist should be a real plus point, not a hinderance, which it appears to be to most employers.

If anyone's got any tips on how to approach the subject of being a reservist in interviews or on my CV, I'd be very grateful! I know SaBRE have some stuff on interviews, but they don't seem to have much else on reservists looking for work.



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I wouldn't put it down as part-time employment, tbh - doing so will only lead to confusion about availability for work, and as a wise man once said the RNR will never pay the mortgage.

I don't think you are under any obligation to disclose that you are in the Reserve when applying for a job (unless it's the Police/Fire Service, who have quotas on how many reservists incl. TA/RAuxAF they can employ), but you will have to tell them afterwards; in any case, most reservists' CVs will probably give the game away...

in the eyes of the Law, we are not Part-Time workers as, amoungst other things, that would give us Pension and leave rights etc, so you are not required to include it in an application, though you should inform at some stage during selcetion/acceptance.
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Think about what companies you are applying to - if its larger ones, why not ring them and ask what their policy is on reservists, and whether they provide special paid leave to do it. RNR is fun, but do you want to use up big chunks of A/L to play?

Also, be wary when applying of not mentioning it, as if you go onto a probationary period and end up being mobilised etc, you could find yourself in a weak place regarding keeping your job. Think about where you are in the cycle and judge it from there.
If I were you, I'd wander into the offices of the companies you have applied for wearing a tatty old set of 4s and a submariner's jersey, then kick off at the Chairman, interspersing your tirade with loads of ancient and obscure Jack Speak that even a 22 year Chief Stoker wouldn't recognise.

In all seriousness, as much as SaBRE say that being a hobbyist is every civvy employer's dream, the sad reality is, no one wants to employ someone who turns up ballbagged most Mondays after being on ex, this is before you even consider the possibility of them disappearing for a year on ops.

I have 3 reservists on my books (plus myself) and it's a right ball ache, I can rely on two of them to not **** things up but one is a right mongoloid. They are always good lads to stitch for shite like First Aid at Work courses etc. but the benefits pretty much stop there. One of the lads is off on Herrick again soon and it will leave us a man down in a department that is already understaffed. Bearing in mind it takes 5 years to train a replacement, it's not like we can get a temp to cover for him.

The ability to tie a bowline and name every ship in the fleet's pennant number, will get you nowhere in the real World.
Being a Reservist has helped me considerably, then I was mobilised, didn't go down too well, but the company stood by me, however a glss cealing arrived when I returned, so I had a look elsewhere and found both arms were chewed off by other employers, not least because I was "spent" and could not be mobilised for another 3 years, as well as the fact that they saw considerable merits in the work I had been doing.
This won't be the same for all, but it might well apply to some!


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Iv been in the same position as you. I just started a job in October I did not say anything until they offered me the job and I started. Also did not put it on my CV that I'm in the RNR. The other way around if having trouble is to do your probationary period most jobs are 3 months probationary finish that if they keep you after that period tell them then. If they decide to sack you then it's unfair dismissal that's how iv looked at it. As you said some employers won't bother to employ you if your in the reserves because of time off or getting Mobilised for a year Etc.

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