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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by traderjuk, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I'm new here. I'm currently joining the RNR at age 38 and am in reasonable condition regrading fitness etc. I know the upper age limit is 40 for joining so I'm within that initially but when I choose a specialization such as Intelligence branch after my training do I have to again be under 40 to be selected for this? My main concern is that I didnt want to get to say 41 and be unable to apply to other areas within the RNR.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I don't think it would be a problem - I've seen plenty of RNR guys over 40 in Afghanistan. What sways you towards intelligence?
  3. TJ, as always, it is best to get the advice direct from the RO at your local unit as advice from here is neither official, or necessarily accurate. That said, I'm sure you will get plenty of advice on here, such as:
    it will take you about 12 months to complete your basic training (longer or shorter depending on how much time you can give).
    after that, you may request a branch, but the RNR will choose for you (taking your preference into consideration)
    when you have qualified as an AB1 (this an take between a year or 5, again depending on your available time), you can en apply to cross to the INTEL bbranching
    I think!
  4. Age wasn't a problem for me, certainly not for Intelligence and I'm not aware of any branches that would reject you just for being 'too old' once you're out of New Entry and looking to join (doesn't mean there aren't any, so check & ask).

    I was 38 when I passed AIB, and time has not been kind since then, but nobody was warning me off that "this branch is young'uns only" or "of course at your age you can't go for..." so I wouldn't worry too much; if there's anywhere you particularly want to be, ask early to be sure.
  5. Hi James,

    I thought about the Intelligence branch as I'm fairly technical in terms of analyzing information and putting together a picture as a whole and feel I would be suited to an analyst position, I will be starting my degree next year also as a mature student in Computer Forensics which will undoubtedly be of use in this field.

  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    " I will be starting my degree next year also as a mature student in Computer Forensics which will undoubtedly be of use in this field."

    My very strong advice is not to try and second guess what may, or may not, be considered of use to the Int branch...
  7. It may be me but I alway's thought Forensics was trying to find out what happened whereas intelligence is about preventing it happening in the first place.
  8. Hi everyone thanks for all your replies...Ill be happy doing whatever the RNR say I have an aptitude for with a preference towards the aforementioned branch...obv I'd like to go as far as I can making use of whatever skills I've got. I honestly have no preconceptions of what would or would not be of use to the intelligence branch suffice to say that a computer related degree might be of use.Thanks

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