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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Shakey, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Safeguard, gen dit no sh*t etc etc.

    Have heard that the RNR is going to introduce a diving branch. They will be tasked with under water force protection.

    It will be open to ex-Navy divers, ex-Army divers, commercial divers (eg. North Sea oil rig types) and highly skilled sports divers (eg. PADI instructors). You must be a skilled diver to apply, the Navy will not train you to be a military diver.

    They are looking to establish three teams of ten to twelve people, two senior rates to each team. No news on officers.
  2. FlagWagger

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    CS95 Dry-bags?
  3. The RNR have a diving branch-made up of EX-RN MCD's, they come under SO1 GSSR's remit. The dit you heard probably only applies to the underwater force protection bit, have heard that rumour myself.
  4. Interesting dit. Given the demise of the ships' diver!
  5. When I was in the RNR, before I went full time, many units had just such a thing. Pity they were scrapped... Time to reinvent the wheel, and about bloody time!
  6. Do we know what Diving Officer would entail? Is this more of an admin role or would you still get stuck in with diving?
  7. As an RNR Diving Officer I can say that you are still involved with diving and dive site management at least up to Lt level. But yes, there is admin to do as well.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One of the things that surprised me about RN Divers in the regular service is how infrequently they actually get in the water once above the rate of Leading Hand. Possibly it's different in the RNR, but during my 3 years on a MCMV I never once saw an MCDO dive operationally. Recreationally or to "get the minutes in" yes, but nothing beyond that.

    I guess it's not like Star Trek whereby you deploy your Captain, second in command & the Doc to do battle whilst everyone else watches.
  9. The three most useless things to take a board a MCMV are...a shopping trolley, a step ladder and a MCDO, I used to hate putting a "Sir" in the water as the boys could see what totally useless cretins they were. On MCMV's it's difficult for the SR to get wet as he's usually the only supervisor available, the "Sirs" had a habit of being required elsewhere when diving was taking place. On a team, Senior rates get wet as often as possible and RHIP..I did all the best jobs...
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  10. You are not an MCDO, so stop taking offence. There is a difference between getting wet and conducting an operational diving task, as for you not being deployed on a MCMV..well of course you won't, same as you wouldn't be deployed to an Air Squadron as a pilot, you are not qualified.
  11. I'm personally not an MCDO - correct. The same can't be said for all the Officers in the RNR diving branch however. I'm sure they are more than qualified.....
    Why don't you come along and see what we do Spidiver? We take ex-Regulars to the age of 45....
  12. Too busy earning big bucks elsewhere mate, did my 27, then a couple of RNR years, but unfortunatley the RN diving branch is no longer a front runner in either equipment or training.
  13. Can't believe I missed this bubble head off,

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    Wish no neck eaton was here?

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  14. Firstly..Vivid isn't a Bubble head
    Secondly..I don't need hair gel...although I do have 2 mega expensive watches.
    and finally What is your problem apart from envy as you're just a lowlife cock !
  15. Ha ha!

    I'm having that as a flash deeps!

    "What's the difference between a PAP and a diver?"

    "A diver can polish a flat"

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  16. Flash ???..I don't think so ....educating ******* like you is a chore, but overall a worthwhile task for the benefit of mankind...
    Never polished a flat in my life, but I'm sure if I needed to, it'd be the best polished flat in the RN...gotta dash..this money won't spend itself.

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