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RNR Diving branch (King Alfred)

Good morning all,

Do we have anyone here who may know a little more than my contacts about King Alfred diving branch? I am transferring from RMR with the hope of trying to get in.

The best I can get from AFCO's are "They may or may not be full, I'm not sure".

Just a little heads up as to whether or not there are plans to recruit or not would be nice.

Thanks for any info


Lantern Swinger
Looks like the AFCO are tremendously well informed. RNR specialisations aren't per unit they are national, so you join the diving specialisation and are administered by, and do general training with, your local unit King Alfred.

Unless we've suddenly recruited a huge number of divers I'm sure you'll be welcomed with open arms.
There's an RNR Diving Branch? Every day's a school day I suppose!!
They even have their own Facebook page.

I'm planning on joining the diving branch this year. They are desperate for numbers as lots are failing the PDA it would seem. Preference is that you have some SCUBA experience and I don't just mean a couple of holiday dives under your belt.


War Hero
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Thirsty Diver, the next KING ALFRED RNR Live is on 5th September. Phone 0345 600 3222 and book a place or just rock up on the day at 0945. Better if you phone so they can order you a sandwich. The divers will be there to have a chat with you, and will be demonstrating and briefing the entry requirements for the branch. Any other Qs give me a PM.
Thanks Trainer - I am currently going through the transfer process from RMR but MY WORD - is it long winded. Still ... can only be beneficial to pop along to the 'Live' day, thanks for that.
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