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I'm trying to work out my next move and what would be achievable.

A bit of background...

I started Raleigh at the end of last year (joined as a diver) passed my week 4 kit muster and then ended up in the rehab unit due to an accident and injury. During this time medical didn't tell me what was really going on and what my options were until my extremely helpful PO and Sargent told me that I wasn't going to be signed off as dive fit again but that if I wanted to stay I could as a steward. At this point I PVR as I only ever wanted to be a diver (I have worked as a diver for several years previously and its what I love). Talking to commander T as I left she suggested that I consider an officers route if I thought it would be something more interesting or to join as a reservist diver.

When I received my medical report back I had been signed off as fit for active duty everyday I was in the rehab unit and as of my last day signed off as dive fit again.
I was also told I would have to wait a year from leaving before I could start training again but that I could start discussing my options with the navy again after 6 months.

Fast forward a month or two and I'm at the London dive show at the start of this year and discuss my situation with a very helpful reservist officer who said that with my civilian diving experience and that my PDA would stay in date for two years and having passed MTU and week 4 kit muster at Raleigh that I would be able to fast track some of the process.

So really I would like to know would I be able to fast track some of the initial process?

Would I have a black mark so to speak as I have PVR'd?

Since leaving I have been in the process of setting up my own company and there is the potential for me to be away with my job for long periods of time which will at times impact on training nights and weekends.

How flexible is the training around other work and commitments?

Thank you in advance for any comments/advice on my situation!
Would anyone be able to give an update on the Reserve Diving Branch?
Have had a look on the RN careers bit but cannot find any information.

Shame they had to close the RNR Diving Facebook page as it gave quite a good look into the branch.


From what I've seen, the diving branch is one of the busiest in the RNR. They are still actively looking for ex-service divers or new recruits.
The RNR as a whole is having issues with recruits losing interest after completing the 9+ months of phase 1 training, this is especially bad with divers who're required to jump through extra hoops before commencing phase 2. If you're an experienced diver it can be tough waiting at least a year to even begin diver training. If you're interested, contact your local unit and tell them your looking for more info on the branch, a diving officer will likely be in touch.
Wondering if anyone can help me. I'd like to join the RNR Diving branch but as I currently live on an island off the West Coast of Scotland I wouldn't be able to make it to weekly drill nights for phase 1 training. On the RN website it seems to say that you can also do phase 1 training over the course of a number of weekends instead. Does anyone know if it would be feasible for me to join? I'm an experienced commercial and recreational diver and would have no problems taking time off to attend weekends and longer training blocks. Thanks!


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Phase One training is in the hands of your parent unit, until you go to Raleigh for your two week confirmation course.

My advice, as ever, is to contact your local unit. I guess this would be HMS Dalriada, however not all units can support divers in Phase Two and Three - I think you need to be prepared for a future travelling to the diving School, at the other end of the country.

Give Dalriada a call and see what options they can offer you:
Many thanks will get in touch with them. Don't mind traveling for the diving if I'm able to do the phase one without too much hassle.

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