RNR Diving Branch Factsheet

Thanks for that info Vivid_diver.

Can I ask, ... I'm currently attending holding troop with RMR but have been thinking I'm making a mistake as I am a very keen diver (recreational rescue diver). If I were to speak to my AFCO about changing my route, well... Am I wanted first of all? Is there perhaps too many attempting the RNR diving branch or quite the opposite?

Anyway, any comments are greatly appreciated.



Thanks for uploading this really helpful. I amLooking at joining the RNR and hopefully applying for the diving branch. My only diving experience is an introductory lesson in a pool. I have signed up for weekly pool training with the intent of moving on to achieve my BSAC Ocean Diver. Can I do this whilst training in the RNR, say through a JSAT course, or am I best off trying to achieve this in the civilian world? How does the role for Officer diver differ from that of a Rating ? Finally, do you think you will still be needing Divers in a year or so time once I would have completed basic training as a Officer or Rating complete?



You should join the RNR and finish your Ocean Diver course whilst doing your RNR New Entry training (takes approx 9 months). Probably best if you finish your Ocean diver with your civi club if you've already started but you could consider doing Sports Diver at the JSSADC at Bovisand once you are in the RNR.
We will definitely be needing divers in a year's time.


And if you join the RNR then I'd recommend the Warfare Seaman Branch. Until you Branch transfer you'll get complimentary training and support and a friction free transfer out of Warsea.


How is diver recruitment as at Nov 2015? Im thinking of doing Ocean Diver before applying as I have little experience. I live in Hertfordshire, where would nearest branch be for me? Cheers.


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HMS Wildfire, Northwood is nearest unit, but no divers (as far as I know)
HMS President has a couple of swimming types.

Might be easier to join Wildfire for Phase 0 and 1, then go to President once qualified for diving branch.


The branch is still recruiting as hard as it can. Plenty of room left. We now take non-divers, but feel free to do any civilian qualifications to increase your experience before you apply to join.


Quick question what would be the route for non diving folk do you get all of your qualifications are they also transferable


Hi Vivid Diver... I am desperate to sign up as a diver! being a competitive swimmer for years, lifeguard, and now advanced open water diver (PADI) is this something I can do in the RFA???


Morning Folks,

As said in the pamphlet the branch is open to those with no experience but in reality are they looking for those with a lot of dive times as a posed to a newbie?

I am genuinely interested in applying as it an exciting branch with fantastic opportunities but I get the overwhelming impression that , with no experience of diving other than an hour free taster at the local sub aqua club, I would most likely lose out on selection to those recreational divers. I can see why what with the safety critical aspect of the role plus little time to train in order to get at the correct level.

Hardly comparable but I do have plenty experience with a cylinder on my back and wearing a mask from being a firefighter - and I know breathing compressed air and oxygen are two different things but I know how to operate in challenging environments when vision is obscured.

Plus my nearest detachment would be Liverpool so I'm not sure if being up north would limit the time in the water due to travelling down to Horsea most weekends.

Are there any RNR divers on board who could help with a few questions?




Cheers N-G,

I spoke to the initial recruitment girl over the phone who told me I definitely need a civil qual to join, but I did mention the information from the Facebook page but she was having none of it


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It may well be that the contracted call centre are unaware the civilian dive qualification is no longer mandatory.

As you correctly state:
Royal Navy website said:
There is no direct entry as a RNR Diver, however on successful completion of Phase 1 training you can apply to specialise. You will need to successfully complete a 2 weekend selection process which is physically demanding and which includes a full RN Diving Medical. If you’re not a former service diver then you should ideally hold a recognised civilian diving qualification but we will also assess individuals with no diving qualifications or experience.
From an AFCO perspective, you will be processed as a generic RNR applicant. Diver selection occurs later down the pipeline.


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Tadpole, if you really want to do it, why not pay some dosh and get a PADI (spit) qualification? Or if you have the time, join a local BSAC club and get properly, if slowly (but free) trained up?

We do not breath 'oxygen', just 80/20 same as you when fire-fighting! (yeh yeh, I know about Nitrox too!)


Trust me, you don't have to be a qualified civilian diver to join the branch and it doesn't affect your chance of getting into the branch if you aren't. What matters is that you show the correct attitude and fitness levels when you attend the Intro and Aptitude weekends.
Better someone with the right mindset than a full dive logbook.
That said, if you do have the opportunity to do some civi diving quals before you join it will be of benefit to yourself, as before you turn up you'll at least be confident in breathing compressed air underwater without stressing too much.
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