RNR divers? Or anyone who might know?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Nocharge, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. So I am planning to join up and go into the diving branch of the RNR. From what I understand on here at the moment is that a lot of branches have a very long waiting list in the reserves and the regs. I know in the regs the MCD pathway has a long waiting list, but I've heard on this forum or RNR diving recruits being accelerated through selection as there is no wait.
    Now to me this would make sense as I hear the roles of divers in the regular RN is different to that of the divers in the RNR so maybe the demand is different? Am I just thinking wishfully...

    Also, while you're here I was wondering, I also hear RNR divers are not trained as deep divers such as the regs and in my head this has a large impact on what the job must require. What really are the roles of the RNR diver from someone in the know?
    Also is the equipment the same? i.e. closed-circuit rebreathers?

    Sorry for the bombardment of queries but anyone who can help out would be a star.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    From an AFCO perspective all RNR applicants are processed exactly the same and all are viewed as a priority.

    UWFP is a branch of the RNR in which suitable applicants may wish to specialise however you would be processed as a generic RNR aplicant, no different to any other. It may well be the case your RNR unit may stream UWFP applicants into selection, but you would need to talk to your local RNR training team direct.

    Having spoken to our local RNR Pipeline Manager, I'm advised that Mine Warfare and UWFP are certainly open to applicants but it's worth bearing in mind the "average" eligible individual with civilian diving qualifications must first complete RNR New Entry including the HMS Raleigh phase which takes about 6 to 9 months.

    Good luck.
  3. No Charge

    The individual Units have regular introduction evenings for interested applicants.

    It might be a good idea to get in touch with your nearest one to ask whether you can go along.

    Contact details here:

    Royal Naval Reserve units
  4. Gonna just say before I carry on, that was my first post on this forum and I am pretty amazed at the speed and quality of responses. So thank you!
    Ninja stoker, when you say the AFCO views the recruits as priority, what exactly does that mean? Do you mean that they process every new RNR recruit the same and get them to their unit asap? And then I assume everything from their is a decision made in the unit?
    And soleil, thank you for that suggestion I think my AFCO is arranging something like that for me but it's good to know your unit before you join.

    Also to either of you or anyone else who may know, now I have the main points cleared up is anyone aware of whether the RNR UWFP divers use the same rebreather equipment as the reg MCD groups.
    Also, excuse this question if it comes across rather ignorant but what does UWFP involve?
  5. I'm taking a punt in the dark as I am just a civvie diver wannabe. But the CDLSE (the CCR used todate) is used as to not give an acoustic signature when clearing mines/doing sneaky stuff. For fleet protection (hull searches etc) surely only SABA or OSDS.... but again i could be wrong. Standby to be corrected by froggers.
  6. Here goes.

    UunderWater Force Protection. Or the older Sd's on here Op Awkward. You (though rarely heard RNR being used for it) will be required to clear jetties prior to berthing of an asset i.e warship. You will also be required to search, locate, ID and destroy any ordnance found during routine swims or a crdeible threat. I'm not going to go into how items wiould be destroyed so don't ask. As a baby diver you will have nothing more complicated than to swim hulls and seabeds. Normally one of the senior lads or a killick frog will carry out any disposal actions. Agian the SOP's for this will be taught to when and if you get there.

    Firemonkey. Let me know when you're on course and I'll get you to do UWFP in OSDS!!!!! That would be fun. You'll see why I find that funny when you get on course.

    As to what kit you'll dive (NOT OSDS!) it will come dowm to the operators threat assesmemt. 99.9% of ship borne targets are not influence based and will always (exceptions etc) be timer based devices. They will also have some form of anti-lift/handling.

    As to
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  7. OSDS is kirby helmet and umbilical et al or have i got that mixed up?
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It means that the RNR are viewed as a recruiting priority inasmuch as they should be processed ahead of other branches with a significant wait to join.

    In practical terms it's the applicant that drives the application forward - the faster you complete the selection elements, return documents etc., the sooner you're enrolled.

    Once enrolled within the RNR the speed at which you progress is pretty much determined by the pace of training in the RNR.

  9. Yes and not exactly suited to fast swim ops!!
  10. Christ I need to get to spec savers I thought this thread was about RNR Drivers
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  11. Drivers use mirrors as well dontcha know ^_~
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  12. Roll up, roll up. He is here all week.
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