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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Jim30, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Thought it might be worth a thread to show the various discounts that RNR members qualify for. To start with:

    10% off BA flights
    10% off Virgin Flights

    Good discounts with Avis including comprehensive insurance.

    Oh and free admission to the Tank Museum!

    Anyone else got any good ones?
  2. To quote an oppo (SLt ) to a Brigader (tanker) after a Mess Dinner "Tanks are SH**E, Sir".
    Sorry in joke. Some will get it. You had to be there.
    Back to the real debate.
  3. MOTO service stations do 10% of food, so if you are driving on motorways look out for them.

    Flash it at the cinema (any will do) and most of the times they will give you the student rate.

    Always wondered about persec asking for discounts with ID card.
  4. Not sure it's a "good one" but
    10% discount at Burtons and perhaps even better Dorothy Perkins (not for me of course!!!)
  5. I think Burger King or McDonalds do discounts or throw in a free burger or something.
  6. Moto services discount includes the shop and BK etc, but not M & S and Thornton's. They will do it in the petrol station shop but as it does not include petrol best to do shopping in main shop. Of course you could say the that RNR is the best discount the RN gets, but that would be being cynical!
  7. I heard that we can use National Express for free? can anyone confirmt that?
  8. on the tourist side of things you can get into Edinburgh Castle for free upon showing your ID card.
  9. It's untrue I am afraid. I believe you are refering to the DIN that was released about a forces discount card which can be used be members of reserve forces (unlike the rail card). You'd need to browse about for the DIN or get your staff writer to find it.
  10. National Express were giving a 30% discount for Reserve Forces but it is up for renegotiation as of 31 March this year. I was reading up on it last night at my unit. There are also discounts for your spouse and dependants.
  11. National Express were giving a 30% discount for Reserve Forces but it is up for renegotiation as of 31 March this year. I was reading up on it last night at my unit.
  12. Free Entrance to Stringfellow's in London, it's true. The long haired one likes Navy and Bootnecks for some reason.
  13. I was told that you had to book in advance with Stringfellows to take advanatge of the Free Entrance policy. However, I stand by to be corrected as I have never been there with the Andrew.
  14. The long haired one likes us because he used to be one of us. Time to make him an honourary Captain. Done more for the RN in general than some of the holders of honourary RNR rank.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    He was in the Merchant Navy I understand, don't know how long for though
  16. If you show you ID card, you can get into your RTU for free.
  17. Wonder about other discounts... the Scottish bloke off Dragons Den used to be in the RN, saying that he got booted out so his resorts would probably charge double for RN/RNR :-D
  18. How do you get this one? Do I have to phone them up or can I book on line?
  19. I really hope you're joking. He would do about as much good for the image of the forces as that tw*t Davidson (who, incidentally, along with the Rt. Hon David Milliband MP is a good argument for Stalinist purging)


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