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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by NickJW, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. hey all, wondered if you could help...

    I have been informed that the RNR now take direct entry in to UWFP (diving) does anyone know the selection requirements/process????

    Any Info much appreciated!

  2. You will have to undertake the normal selection process for the RN/RNR but you do need to have the following: - Recognised military or police diving qualification or evidence of recent diving experience. A minimum and current recognised civilian or commercial diving qualification of: • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or • BSAC Advanced Diver or • HSE Part 4 Commercial Diver Pass a pre-selection Diver assessment weekend and full service diving medical.
    Talk to your local RNR unit and Careers Office.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Tip top advice.

    Before entering an AFCO and stating "I wish to join as a diver", unless you're a trained Navy Clearance Diver, you can't. No such beastie as a civilian direct entry diver in the RNR.

    The AFCO process the individual for entry into the RNR as a generic Rating or Officer, trade specialisations come later, in some cases up to a couple of years later so the RNR can advise on what is available once joined, the AFCO do the stuff that gets you into the RNR.
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  4. You know what NS I think you could be wrong on this?? Pretty sure when I popped down the school end of the lake the other day there was a RNR course running, and there were no "ex's" on it. I said at the time I didn't recognise any one and it was mentioned they are RNR staright in.Think it's a 6 week course for basic MEOD Force protection etc. However like all things I am happy to be corrected. Nick give Horsea a ring 02392 224010 that's the school they should help you out. Good luck
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It may well be the case that having passed AFCO selection, the RNR streams them UWFP immediately upon joining, however they need to join the RNR first as GS, complete RNR INT, hence the reason the only direct entry RNR divers are trained MCDs from an AFCO perspective.

    When they pitch-up at the AFCO they are simply "RNR". Once processed for entry, the RNR determines what they are joining as. Initially RNR UWFP was a sideways entry trade which drew volunteers at around the 2 year point but my understanding is suitably qualified individuals may go straight on for UWFP upon joining.

    Those pitching-up at an AFCO stating they wish to be an RNR Diver will be processed no different to any other RNR ratings entrant with no PEDA equivalent or similar carried out. Whilst they can express a preference at interview, it's not the AFCO call what trade they enter.
  6. hey guys thanks for the info...

    I have spoken to AFCO before xmas.. you can join direct as RNR UWFP you do have to pass diver medical and diver selection (although i believe is not as long as MCD selection) before you start NE training. if selected you join direct to UWFP no time has to be served in other branches. - all this if you meet the grade obviously!

    What i did struggle to get from AFCO is what was involved in selection, what the training was like and what the actual job was about as I believe the direction of RNR divers has changed over the last couple of years.

    Was hoping there was a current RNR diver who could share some light.....

    Will give Horsea a bell tomoz and see!

    Thanks guys
  7. Are you an active recreational, commercial or ex police/military diver? If yes, then the RNR diving branch wants YOU!

    The branch has been open to civilian volunteers (rather than ex-regulars only) for a year now and is still eager for new recruits. The first 6 people have just gone through the Underwater Search and basic EOD phase.

    Only certain RNR units seem to be proliferating the info regarding branch entry requirments and intro weekends etc.
    So to clear things up for anybody who is interested......

    Entry Requirements-
    1) Open to all ratings between 18 and 45 (male and female) who have a recognised diving qualification to the level of BSAC Ocean/PADI OW level
    2) Pass an RN diving medical
    3) Pass a Divers Selection Test

    To expand on the above a little. Despite certain rumours, there is no requirement to have been AWFP (or Seaman RES etc.) for 2 years before joining. We are just as keen to hear from people in New Entry.
    The Divers Selection test does require quite a high fitness standard, but it's well within reach if you put the training in.

    If you want to challenge yourself and be part of this close knit and highly motivated team then we would like to hear from you. The RNR website will be getting updated shortly with more info, but go to http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/server/show/ConWebDoc.13072 for the most recent article and contact details.

    Any questions to this post I will answer as best I can.

    So it would seem you can!!! I knew despite the strong coffee I wasn't losing the plot in the school the other day NS
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not at all ^^

    It's easy to see where the confusion lays & I'm trying not to cloud the issue, however my comments above are correct. The AFCO bungs 'em in the RNR, whilst the RNR may elect to send them on diver selection & stream the individual as an RNR Diver simultaneously (more on *potential pitfalls later).

    RNR Diver from the AFCO perspective are simply a generic "RNR Rating", (same recruiting test score, personal qualities, medical criteria, bog standard PJFT, security clearance, nothing else - unless regular RN MCD).

    RNR Diver from the RNR perspective are potential divers upon joining and very often the streaming may be instigated (diving medical, diving assessment) before the AFCO processing is complete.

    RNR Diver from the individuals perspective
    joins the RNR as a diver as one single, seamless transition, hence the comments above, however.... the reason it's done this way is if they fail diver selection or training for any reason, they are still in the RNR. If it were conducted any other way they would be a full-time civilian upon failing an element of the selection precess.

    The only things worth pointing out are that whilst the RNR & DDS may wish to understandably advertise the branch, there are no careers publications nor recruiting instructions which are trade specific at AFCO level as it is technically a "sideways entry" branch (even if it happens simultaneously vby default).

    *The other potential for pitfalls, such as the obvious confusion above, is that individuals can sometimes be unaware of their status due to the RNR's perhaps understandable eagerness to get cracking training the individual and notable highlights of Reserves "keenness" for me have included:

    1. Someone forging a PJFT pass certificate

    2. A person who attended the RNR unit for a year, undergoing training, only to fail the AFCO medical examination.

    3. Personnel getting as far as SF selection without security clearance

    4. Convicted criminals attending drill nights prior to screening

    5. Individuals medically discharged from regular service allowed in "by the back door" only to later be rejected when being processed for entry

    6. The "joy" of attending an RNR unit to carry out the basic eligibility checks & conduct initial recruiting test only to be met by a classroom of "testees" wearing their already issued full number 4 uniform, in the belief they had already joined - always a good one when it comes to rejection counselling and asking for their ID card back please. :-?
  9. Tip top advice.

    Before entering an AFCO and stating "I wish to join as a diver", unless you're a trained Navy Clearance Diver, you can't. No such beastie as a civilian direct entry diver in the RNR.

    Yeah happy with that, but you did say you can't join as a diver "unless you're a trained Navy Clearance Diver" and because I have breathed so much N2/O2 / HeO2 over the years my brain is fried and I (and do) got confused. Then you come back with loads of clever sh!t and TLA's and I get more confused. All I am saying is you can join direct. Oh well-tomatoes/tomatoes ;-)
  10. Hi is this open to girls too? I have done a PADI.
  11. This page on the newly revamped RN website should prove useful: RNR Diving

    Previous links in relevant threads are no longer valid.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Thanks for the clarification N_G:
    Hopefully this clarifies the issue with regard the fact they must join the RNR first.
  13. Hey big thank you for all the info... and I do actually fully understand the process now... I also spoke to a chief stoney(i think) from Cardiff AFCO today who was very helpful and completely honest about the the issues of being a reservist in my position.

    I currently live in Hereford so in between Cardiff, bristol and birmingham with regards to accessing a RNR unit... so travelling he felt may be a issue.... I have a supportive employer (local government) and feel the travelling and commitment is more than worth it.

    I still have a couple of questions if you would be so kind to try and answer..if you can!

    1. what is the actual role of the Diver within the RNR, how and why would a diver be deployed for active service

    2. just out of pure interest - ive seen a couple of people mention in some of the topics the opportunity of SF selection.. what pathways with the RNR are there to serve SF??? I only ask as living where I do u meet military personnel from all walks of life working within this arena...... just intriged really

    Well im currently 28 and a PADI Master scuba diver and SAA Dive Leader with specialisations in Full face mask, nitrox, deep diving, underwater nav, ppb and drysuit diving. I ve have dived in a few countries with a deepest dive around 45 m. Im hoping that this along with a strong back ground in outdoor activities (actually its my job) will put me in a good position when looking in to this branch?????

    Defiantly going to start timing runs and get the fitness up in preparation

    cheers guys! and thanks again for the info!!!

  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The issue with "in service" trades & sub specialisations is that unfortunately, apart from anecdotal third party related stories about them in the public domain, there is no official definitive information outwith the service available at AFCOs or elsewhere because entry into them is subject to passing further "in service" selection. However, suffice to say SF specilisations are open to all who are eligible, recommended & found suitable after further selection. In addition, it also carries the caveat that whilst additional sub specialisations & trades maybe available, there's no guarantee that an individual will be recommended to undergo selection.

    As regards the day to day operational employment of UWFP divers, again the website indicates they maybe employed with one of the fleet diving units however more information will undoubtedly be forthcoming once the initial hurdle of passing RNR selection is completed successfully.

    One thing I would venture to add is that joining the RNR, passing UWFP Diver selection & training should in no way be attempted in the hope of bypassing the wait to join as a regular Mine Clearance Diver by other means. It won't happen.

    Best of luck.
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  15. The whole issue of RNR divers absolutely amazes me.
    The RNR had Port divers in the 80's and 90's, a total waste of resources. The high maintenance costs of a part time diver far outweigh any benefits they can bring to the RN. We don't have a shortage of CD's (just look at the waiting times for courses).

    WTF the MOD feels the need to give the idea a run again beggers belief, thank fukc I'm in a civvy company where we realise that "getting the job done at a profit" is the primary role of the company and not fukcing about with stupid ideas that never worked the first time round.

    Gemma, yep they probably will open it to women. Good luck.....although I reckon you'd have as much chance of passing as Chico would at becoming the "employee of the month in McDonalds.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have to say I'm with you on this one Spider as "currency" was the safety issue which saw the demise of the Ships Diver.

    There is a job for ex-RN Clearance Divers within the RNR, much as there is (or was) a Wafu RNR branch, however for all the reasons ships divers were stopped in general service, the RNR has amazingly decided to resurrect a diving branch over the last few years with even less justification than the general service part-time equivalent. I'm guessing someone somewhere has supposedly detected a threat where none existed & stuck a label on it with the words "Global Terrorism" to ensure funding and pulled it out of the hat.

    In a similar manner MCDs produced their own glossy careers publication advertising a job that is already heavily over-subscribed, with zero advertising above that which already exists. Problem is more indviduals hear of the branch, baulk at the wait ask what other diving jobs are available "RNR" comes the answer and them we're inundated with people wanting to be RNR Divers without commercial experience , many of whom think it's some kind of back door route into the regular MCD branch.

    What could possibly go wrong? :wink:
  17. Wouldn't it be easier for a RNR Diver to stay current than a ship's diver?
  18. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "2. just out of pure interest - ive seen a couple of people mention in some of the topics the opportunity of SF selection.. what pathways with the RNR are there to serve SF??? I only ask as living where I do u meet military personnel from all walks of life working within this arena...... just intriged really"

    There are no direct opportunities to undertake selection via the RNR - if you want to walk around with a pixellated face then go for either SBS(R), or TA SAS. As for opportunities working with the SF via the RNR - its not impossiblefor some members of certain branches to end up doing things of interest alongside interesting folk in a specialist supporting role, but any discussion of what branches or what areas or how one does that is probably not appropriate for an open internet forum. Much as I love the SEA(RES) branch though, I can neither confirm nor deny that it currently has an SF augmentation cell ;-)
  19. Spidiver,

    you say the Port Diver branch never worked. Well the role of the RNR in total in those days was very different, and was geared up towards the cold war and stopping the pesky reds from invading. There was very little integration between RN and RNR and very little, if any callup, so you could say the whole RNR was a waste of time as it was never used. It was I suppose like an insurance policy that was never claimed on. In hindsight that money could have been saved but who could of predicted that?

    As regards the current RNR, the number of vacancies in any RN branch is irrelevant. The RNR is not there to fill gapped billets. It is there to "deploy in the event of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict" according to the RN website. There were RNR divers called up for Telic and the idea that when RN divers leave those skills do not leave and can be deployed at very short notice has obviously excited someone, and makes sense to me. You can deploy a reservist in as little as 2 weeks against months or years to recruit and train new regulars.

    Reservists have also been used where there has been a short term requirement for additional manpower, such as deploying new equipment or running training outside the normal program. From a cost perspective it is a lot cheaper to have this manpower in the reserves rather than paying full time until they are needed, that is probably true for most, if not all, reserve branches.

    I do agree however, that the branch has in some respects become diluted by the number of 'sport' divers joining, and I fail to see what the role of the RNR diver branch is. Certainly not to take people who don’t want to wait to join the regulars, and training as an RNR diver would generally take longer than waiting for a regular space. The original role when the branch opened has gone, and whilst there is mention of nasty terrorists and things like 2012, there is nothing I have seen on paper. I wait with baited breath for the SDSR for the reserves which I believe is due in 6 months and will look at branches etc. Maybe (or more likely maybe not) that will clear things up.

    As regards ships divers not keeping current, certainly it is a lot easier for RNR as they do not have other jobs (in the RN!) to keep them away from diving and also don’t get sent to a ship where they may be the only diver so can’t dive.


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