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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by GSSR_Vvd, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey people,

    Without breaking any rules i'd like to chat about GSSR Deployments. As it looks like i'm gonna have more time to get a few in before i join up full time as i'm thinking about going GS rather than SM.

    I was at the Regional Training Weekend at Raleigh a few months ago where we were told on board one of the RFA's that there are going to be pleanty of chances to go on Deployment in the next few years. We were also told that IF we wanted we could come back from one ond within a month go on another. Is this true? do you know anyone who is planning on dong this?

    Also i'd like to know if doing this could effect my application for the RN?

    What do ya think? :afro:
  2. I think the central region would be grateful if someone from one of the other regions would explain what a deployment is?

    If someone could point me in the direction of a regional (or national for that matter) training weekend i'd be most grateful.
  3. You can have some of ours! There's that many they keep having to change the dates around or they clash - some are being made compulsory for GSSR - and then they complain that the other weekends are poorly attended. :frustrated: Then they get cancelled - when in fact they could be opened up to the other regions. :dontknow:

    Progress I guess....
  4. I'm not sure if there are training weekends being arranged for the central region and we're just not being told about them or if there genuinly isnt any being arranged.

    With the budget cuts our RTC wouldnt be pleased if we actually wanted to attend training weekends. It costs money.
  5. Someone, somewhere please give me some training, any training!!!

    To date i've seen a 1 week ORT opportunity in June which i cant do and a four month opportunity starting over the Xmas period which i again cant do.

    There must be more out there somewhere. We have a team of 6 JR's and 1 SR all available to go together with no where to go.

    Answers on a postcard please.
  6. Trehorn, with the utmost respect "available to go together with no where to go", you have stated two different opportunities but CANT go. You cant be available to go but cant go!! The two mentioned trips are six months apart, maybe you dont want to miss Christmas at home :rendeer: Perhaps the Navy should be more considerate on their requirements for the RNR??

    Stop dripping and go to wherever it is and whenever it is or leave. Its easy.
  7. Northen Light I think your being a bit harsh on Trehorn. Some of us have jobs that make it impossible to go at certain times of the year, and unless a brown envelope landed on my doorstep then no way could I get four weeks off together to go away.

    However I agree, :angel12: these 6 people may need to stop trying to go away together and just do any dates they can individually.
  8. Totally agree with northern light. but i would :thumright:
  9. Ahh!! thats nice when you get a slot could you send me a nice picture of you all holding hands on the upper deck for me!!!

    Try going as individuals and fitting around the Navy rather than stay as a team and the Navy fitting around you......which aint gonnna happen!
  10. Northern Light - I cant go on the one week opportunity because i am already booked on something WITH the navy wich has been planned for over 8 months. As for the four month one, as Trouble has quite rightly pointed out people have jobs which pay the mortgage and not everyone is available to take four months off work.

    Warmonger - The reason i mention that there is a group of six of us with nowhere to go is because i would expect that the RN/RNR would rather deploy a team from the same unit/region as opposed to picking up odds and ends from where ever they can.

    I am quite happy to deploy alone or as part of a team if someone would care to tell me where these opportunities are. I did have my name down for a spell on the FOST tanker at only 1 1/2 weeks notice only to be told that by the time we recieved the email offering the opportunity the opportunity had already been filled over a week before.

    I don't think i'm being inflexable by not being able to make a 1 week deployment or a four month deployment. Give a guy a break. I'm able to deploy at a couple of weeks notice which i would expect cannot be said for probably the majority of te RNR.

    Is there anyone from the central region on hear who can either back up what i'm saying or give me some feedback about any deployments they know of.
  11. Warmonger is just jealous because he has no Friends.

    There was a buzz going round that the RN/RNR didn't want to deploy teams all from one unit. Something to do with the effect on morale if they all got killed. more likely they realised that if a team got taken out there would be no one in that division to replace them.

    At present I understood we are deploying by region, so if you desperatley want to go somewhere hot and dangerous then you need to speak to your regions coordinator to see if they can help out the current region. I know they will be having trouble filling the slots.

    Just out of curiosity does anyone know the official number of slots that GSSR are required to fill each year to keep us feasible in the RN's eyes. Or even better just how many TRAINED GSSR we have to fill them. I know my unit can manage 2 teams, and were one of the bigger units apparently
  12. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh please, get a grip! Should we stop Cdo units from deploying in case one marine gets hurt and the rest feel bad too?
  13. Good one...very quick...most impressed.!!
  14. Its not a buzz it was a decision taken during Telic mobilisation for exactly the reasons quoted above...!!

    Whether it's still being applied at the moment who knows..quite possibly...is it a valid reason for not sending teams from one unit not quite sure!
  15. The one thing that worries me is that you spend all year training with people that you know. You get to learn their strengths and weaknesses, what makes them tick, their personnel life and become a really strong team who can work together, react as one and know that whatever happens your back is covered. Then the navy sends you into a situation where that is of vital importance and your with people you have never met/worked with, and have no idea what standard of training they have had. (and before you start not all units get the same training).
    I can't think of any military unit where this is done, maybe 1 or 2 people slotted into a worked up team but not a completley new team everytime.
  16. this is true although i was on telic one, in a team of 8 with 5 from the same unit.... :pottytrain2:

    As far as wave dodgers comments, this is a decision taken by the rn not the rnr.....

  17. The idea of training as a region is that you will spend all year training and working up with, and getting to know the people you will be deploying with should the brown stuff hit the twirly thing. Ideal world of course, but thats the general idea. Or are other regions not doing this?
  18. With respect to picking deployments, most regulars, if given the choice, would rubber ear a stint in the gulf over Christmas.
    The point is they do not get that luxury; but, they are rewarded for it.
    The average AB RNR is possibly taking home £3 K per annum. Given the choice between Christmas with loved ones or having sweaty, sandy nads-
    which would you pick. :toilet:

    In your own time, at your own target- go on. :pukel:
  19. All this conversation is very good but does not actually answer my original thread.

    The reason we have been told that they are not deploying teams from units is that they don't want the brown stuff to hit and most of one units GSSR division be wiped out. Now the reality is that if they can not fill the billits and the only people who are able to fill them are from the same unit then i'm sure they would rather them be filled than have to turn round to COMARES and say "er sorry sir we cant fill them"

    One thing i did hear though is that there will be a massive requirment for GSSR to fill billits as powers that be are deciding to put work our way as the staffing levels are not the best within other options for them. How true this is i dont know. However what i do know is that there are ratings from various units who are keen to get out there and use our training to it's full potential :rambo: and are being given the cance to do it :money:

    peace out :afro:
  20. Trouble is getting different units together, and with training being cut its getting more difficult. not to mention you never get the same people there. Personnally our unit practices a lot, but I have only carried out one regional training where we actually carried out a SPO exercise and that was a simulated Harbour environment.

    Either way if we do get teams worked up from Regional or Units the effect of their loss will be just as devastating to morale, if not more so if a regional team as it will effect more units.

    Still not to worry the decisions are taken by those who at worst will get promoted if it all goes wrong.

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