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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Oceanic, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. I was hoping somebody who has passed out recently could give me a brief precis of whats involved over the two weeks, bearing in mind the recent changes, and the differences between the regular's course content? I believe ABLE and MARL are both included?

  2. I haven't been on it yet but the precis I've had sight of is roughtly:

    Week 1: Sandquay maritime theory and motorwhaler ticket. Strategic studies, drill, bergen packing and land navigation. Also fitness & swim tests.
    Weekend: Okehampton for fieldcraft and combat skills with Phase 1 recruits.
    Wednesday: Return to BRNC and undertake BLD (Basic Leadership Development) then COLDA leadership assessment until Saturday.
    Sunday: If you passed everything then you pass out.

    That said it is all up in the air these days so future courses could be different.
  3. So is there a passing out parade or are you just told you've passsed and goodbye?
  4. The terminology is "there is a parade, but it is not a whole college event"

    So you can have people along, there will be marching, but it will not compare to the regular's shindig.

    Which isn't too surprising - no time for sword drill...
  5. CmdKeen - thanks for that.

    So do RNR officers need swords at all? (Serious question)
  6. Just as much as many regular officers need them - not very often. If you do need one then it will be issued, again just as with the regulars.
    I don't believe RNR officers can win a sword as a prize - but am standing by to be corrected on that.
  7. Not when I went through, or anyone else I've heard of recently.

    The only time I've "needed" a sword in the RNR so far was at BRNC for one session of sword drill, and that was more for the PO's amusement - I think he rather enjoyed seeing seven officer-cadets find seven entirely different ways to get the various drill moves wrong. As CmdKeen says, if the Navy want you to have one, they'll issue you one for the event.
  8. @jrwlynch,
    So would you say that you made the right decision in joining the RNR? Why the RNR and not full time?

    Final question - were you a DE officer or did you join as a rating first?

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