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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Snowman91, Dec 5, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking into my options at the moment as I want to serve in the RN, but am not sure if I want to go full time and risk not seeing my wife and child for 6-9 months of the year, or go RNR, and only miss them for a month each year (unless deployed). The RNR section on the RN website is gash, I couldn't find anything to do with branches so I'm asking on here.
    In RNR, are there branches as there are in RN, or do you join as a general duty reservist and learn a bit of everything? Or do you get to pick your specialisation from a (refined) list of job roles/branches? I couldn't find any info on here so just wondering if any current serving reservists or anyone in the know could help me out.
    Oh also is there a submariner rnr?

    Cheers guys.
  2. Evening,

    The RNR has differing roles to the RN, and the branches differ accordingly. At the moment RNR chose a branch after completing Phase One, but this may change in the future (so rumour control has it).

    No submariners.
  3. Fast reply, cheers mate! That is very helpful thanks, I'll have a search around the internet for any info on rnr branches, unless you can send me a link or fill me in saving me some time?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  5. If you come in, you'll start in the New Entry pipeline learning the billy-basics; which is a good time to ask around, talk to people in various branches, and find out which you think would be a good fit. Once you finish NE training you'll pick a branch - an advantage of planning ahead is making sure that the branch you want, wants and has (or can make) a space for you - and get into their training pipeline. Ninja_Stoker's given you the handbook of what the branches are, which is a good place to start.

    No; being a fully trained, useful member of a ship's company is a major training overhead, getting submarine-qualified just isn't going to happen unless you mobilise or go Regular.

    There *is* a RNR branch specialising in submarine control, balancing safety and operational freedom during training exercises - I was working alongside quite a few of them in Faslane a couple of months ago - but it's desk work ashore. (We did get a look around HMS Astute alongside, which was very well done by the guys voluntold to host us and very much appreciated) It does confuse a little that one of the jobs the RNR isn't able to do a lot of at the moment, is going to sea. (There are reasons and issues, it's not just 'do not want', and it might change for a few folk, but that's the current situation)

    For a recent example during the last Joint Warrior, there were RNR personnel running the media campaign (both getting positive coverage of the exercise, and running the fake press and social media inside the exercise), keeping the submarine and the ships hunting it safe, producing "for exercise" intelligence reports to kick the scenario in the right direction at the right times, and - what the Regulars probably interacted most with - running the logistics network of getting people and kit around Scotland on schedule, and that's just the ones I ran into or was doing.
  6. Snowman,
    You will (should) get a really good idea of what branches there are, and an honest opinion of what they do by popping into your local RNR Unit. Which one is closest?
  7. All great stuff guys I really appreciate it! I live in Plymouth so there's probably at least one unit nearby I can have a chat with :)
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  8. but am not sure if I want to go full time and risk not seeing my wife andchild for 6-9 months of the year, or go RNR, and only miss them for a montheach year (unless deployed).

    This will happen. If you can square that away, join. If it's not something you are potentially comfort able with then join the RNR ( yes, I know the RNR get mobilized for long periods as well)
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  9. With the recruitment process sometimes taking so long, I'd advise anyone who is even "thinking" about joining to get down to the AFCO or phone the national recruiting number and get the process started. You are not committed and can pop smoke at anytime along the way. Meanwhile, you may even meet up with "real" reservists and share their experiences etc.

    GO FOR IT.
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  10. Been a while since my last post on here thought I'd update. Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding my former retard of a boss, and my new useless boss, I have two months left on my contract which they shant be renewing. Fan-fning-tastic! Short and curlies is too many staff + piss poor management. Right now I'm having to put the whole RNR process on hold until I can find a new job, it's hard enough finding employment when you have a baby and need child-friendly work hours, let alone if you tell them there's a chance you'll be gone up to 9 months of the year and you'd need set amount of weekends off for training etc.
    However, all that crap in mind, RNR Semean looks perfect for me - right combination of weapons training and education for me :) Very excited about that as I realised it's unrealistic for me to join full time due to family reasons and so thought it was over for me. Going down to HMS Vivid on their next open night to have a chat with the staff and guage what if I can complete it around work and fmaily. Cheers for all the help guys you've been brilliant!
  11. Is it because you told them you were joining the Navy?? Never tell the current employer!!
  12. Haha no just useless management with no communication and a phobia of contracts it would appear
  13. Snowman
    You don't have to tell a perspective employer that you have APPLIED to join, just that you have joined. Therefore crack on with applying, and, if not conducive at the last moment, put on hold. Easy. :)
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  14. Thanks mate, thought I had to disclose joining process too
  15. I will double check, but can't see that you have to tell anyone that you are applying, as you might not see it through.

    Meanwhile, I'd crack on with the process, as you can always slow it down once it has started, but you can't speed it up, if you haven't started!

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