RNR Branches - what are you?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by bunnyjumper, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. GSSR

  2. GSSR (ex muppet)

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  3. GSSR (ex dabber)

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  4. GSSR (ex other)

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  5. Loggie

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  6. Comms

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  7. Command Support

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  8. Other

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  1. Based on the Richards Trophy thread, and the apparent disdain shown on here for us godly dabbers, I thought it'd be interesting to see what the spread of RNR branches represented on this site is.

    Me - GSSR and ex dabber - and bloody proud of it!!
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Set low horizons and see what you get :) :)

    Me - CIS; originally I was Tactical Comms(Sea) (RO2 -> CY) with Comms(Sea) in between.
  3. started off as a stoker till they binned us in 94,then a jack dusty and now a loggie
  4. What's with the 'Command Support' in the voting list? It's long gone, we're all Maritime Trade Operations (MTO) now - i.e. AWNIS and NCAGS under one banner. Someone had finally noticed that all of the Command Suport people didn't have a Functional Employer and that there was no one looking out for them.
  5. Ah well, have to confess here - I couldn't remember the new name so made the mistake of looking on the RNR web site. Obviously a big mistake.
  6. I am neither here nor there. Finished new entry training but don't have a branch yet.
  7. Checkin on the RNR website - now that was a mistake. It has to be one of the few sites that makes the RN website look upto date and in touch.
  8. big breath - WEM on old river class, went Seaward Defence when we lost that, then Muppet when that branch folded, then discharged.

    Rejoined as a Dabber, jumped back to Muppet, now am GSSR ( Muppet Streamed)

    if i stay around long enough i bet i can be a Greenie again.
  9. For the sake of good order - any plans to update the poll page then to change Command Support to MTO?
  10. And add Minewarfare!
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    ... and change Comms to CIS plus add Comms(SM) for the sun-dodgers.
  12. I did try but was in a weekend daze so couldn't suss how to do it. I'll 'ave another look.
  13. Nope - obviously still pi**ed. Can't see a way of updating the poll part of the post. Open to suggestions. :oops:

  15. Whoops, sorry Bunny Jumper - you are obviously not the only one who was pissed - I posted my reply in the wrong place.

    Repeated below ... for the sake of good order (again!)

    Option 1 - Ask a Moderator
    Option 2 - Start again
    Option 3 - actually is it really that big a deal?
  16. Think I'll take Option 3!! Vote under other and add a comment!!

    There - Sorted!! :D

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