RNR Bounty Tax Whilst Mobilised

I mobilised in Dec 2011 for 7 months.

I'm having an issue with the Inland Revenue as neither my P60 nor RNR payslips for that period seem to show my "tax free" bounty.

JPA inform me that I did receive it, - does anyone have a copy or can show me exactly where to look to confirm the bounty rates for 2011 / 2012?

I've checked out BR3 but am struggling to find anythign official to confirm this. Ideally I want a letter but JPA won't issue one.

Any thoughts?



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Im sure that my bounty came through on my unit pay slip while I was mobilised as apposed to my mobilisation pay slips. There should be a UPO the deals with your unit that you can ring up and ask them for this.

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Thanks a lot, - my unit sent me the payslips but no mention of bounty. I do have a record though in my bank statement.

I managed to track down the JSP, - I hope that keeps the Inland Revenue off my back!!

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