RNR AWFP wearing FPGRM flash

Any ideas why there's a class of AWFP's going through the 'wood at the moment wearing FPGRM badges? No Royal Navy Commando badges in evidence. I would ask them direct, but as they're always in the middle of drills I though it might be a touch rude to interrupt!!
alfred_the_great said:
Any ideas why there's a class of AWFP's going through the 'wood at the moment wearing FPGRM badges? No Royal Navy Commando badges in evidence. I would ask them direct, but as they're always in the middle of drills I though it might be a touch rude to interrupt!!
might be the next group to be mobilised to FPGRM.


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Royals are needed in the stan, augmentees are backfilling posts.
they were mobilised on 26/11/07, out somewhere hot till end august.


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Suppose its just the title of the AWFP when deployed. All the official letterheads state Force Protection Group Royal Marines, thats who they work for. It doesn't mention commando or the upturned dettol badge which is what the 32 weeks entitles you to wear. Just another badge to make us look even more like boy scouts. In the meantime they can't even decide on a branch badge.
Itsamuppet, you are supposing an awful lot. Additionally although I am wearing the badge as we speak I am as far from being a "boy scout" as is nearly possible and take exception to your general comment. Yet another oppo jumping on the bandwagon of critising something they are not even involved with or actually know about.
Lower deck rumours at work, in the units do not help. Piece of mark one free advice, next time raise your hand instead of sitting on it and come and join the "boy scouts" for 6-8 months!!!!

Either that or zip it :thumright:

Will daddy be home for Christmas???????

No son, he is away with the "boy scouts"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No son, he is away with the "boy scouts"!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rendeer:

Uhm dont let the police hear you say that :dwarf: Playing with Royals would sound much more better. or is it the other way round ???? :thumright:


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Was wearing my Royal Navy TRF until last week, replaced with FPGRM for week at NTMS doing enhanced SPF (no longer SPO) course.

Thought about asking stores for a beret in fetching green but then thought better of it! That's a first!!

Guessing that some of you guys are going with us?

Can't wait for the Wi-Fi at HMNB Clyde!


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Does it actually matter what Flash you wear??

I have to say, from the point of view of a member of the regular service, that all the talk about titles, badges, R or no R is a little tiresome.

If there were people out there wearing the commando dagger and associated flash without being entitled then i'd be more worried about real commandos paying a visit in the night than the pages of RR.


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I don't think the FPGRM flash necessarily means the person wearing it is a bootie or walting it even. Its a unit, simple as that.

If the AWFP bods are backfilling the RM's to enable them to be deployed to AFG then that makes perfect sense and is how we should be using Reserves, as long as the AWFP get the right training before they take on any duties up North or down South.
flippineck said:
Why exactly is this branch called AWFP and not Warfare Specialist in accordance with RN Branch structures?
A very good question.
It would make sense if it were WS(AWFP) and part of the regular warfare branch - a reservist specialisation within the regular branch if you see what I mean.


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been there done that and in a real war in a hostile country. not stood on a ship in a dockside in a friendly country for 4 weeks here and there. Its so dangerous you don't even qualify for a medal.

So before you spout off again, think and take your fist out of your arse and put in your mouth. Most of us have been there and done it now. the reference to the Boy scouts was a dig at the number of badges we have to put on our C95s now.

Daddies not away this christmas as its not his turn


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As i'm currently working with FPG i can clarify that ALL and ANY matelot's, full or part-time, who are part of, or attached to FPGRM wear the badge. It's the same as anyone working for a specific brigade within the army, you wear that brigade/drop-zone flash whilst attached. Specific examples of this being Royal Signals, Military Police or REMF personnel.

Without wishing to get into the argument of 'only working alongside for a few days/weeks in safe ports', that isn't completely true, as some of the personnel currently mobilised (and wearing FPGRM flashes) have been up in the NAG on the ships currently in area and will be continuing to do so for the forseeable future. Some of those deployed will definitely be coming back with medals, indeed some have already qualified for them.

From first-hand i can also say that barring one or two serious numbties/walts those deployed have been (and are) doing a professional job and enhancing the reputation of the RNR. BZ guys!

There are always people within the RNR sniping at others. Why can't we for once respect and appreciate what others are doing, Those who are prepared to be deployed and actually do the job should be given credit for it, not be nit-picked by others who don't actually know what they are up to while deployed.

Come on guys, lets all pull in the same direction for once.

P.S. Good luck to the boys and girls away on board for new year!

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