Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Smudge_3/06, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Ok. This IS different to the other convos that have taken place about this.

    Tommorow I will be returning to my old Cadet Unit. I'm only 16 but now in the RNR. I know staff can be in the Reserves as well, but how about cadets? I would not think it makes a difference only some of the common commitments I won't be able to make to the SCC i.e., Rememberance Sunday, etc.

    Its been 4 years since I left the corps and I've been regretting it ever since.
  2. Its at the discretion of your CO. whilst there is nothing in SCRs i would submit that there will be certain areas of conflict of interest, such as where weapons are involved as one example.

    Personally i cant see it being an issue - no more so than when a cadet has a part time job. Just dont let it become a chip on your shoulder.

    If it goes to your head that would be the time i showed you the big classroom just outside the gate.

  3. I was, briefly, a cadet and in the RNR (my CO was happy about it).

    However even if you can manage both you might soon find you prefer the RNR to the SCC. RNR is basically like cadets, but paid...
  4. and less drill
  5. We're got one at the moment, has declared himself far to mature for the cadets and is off to join the RNR, so we let him come down last night as an unofficial helper ( got him cleaning the brass)

    Took about half an hour before words had to be spoken about him behaviour ( making comments about other cadets standard of drill etc).

    I think you need to make sure you don't get gobby, a you know best or the RNR do it this way, why do SCC do it that attitude is not the way to win friends and influence people
  6. That's fair enough. After all there's been many an occasion when staff at our unit have had to explain to RN instructors that the SCC follow TIs, not BRs.

    Yeah thanks for the advice everyone. As yous know anyway, most of them are just common sense pointers in "How not to be a complete ********". Just a shame about the case you mentioned, WW.
  7. Never seems to be a problem in the North West. Except I can never get used to kids standing to attention when they talk to me!
  8. I do that 8O (I learnt that in cadets too)
  9. I know that this isnt going to be popular on here but alot of the lads I've come into contact with (not so much the lasses) who go from SCC to RNR are far too cocky.

    I dont know if its kids of today or because SCC are taught anything and everything about drill and seamanship etc but they can't keep their gobs shut.

    I've seen them gobbing off at LH, PO's, JO's and even CPO's about the drill manual etc.

    I'm glad to say that most of them grow out of it after a few months in the RNR but their are one or two who dont.

    Sometimes its better to be seen and not heard.
  10. You get that with the ACF and the TA too. I am sure the ATC and RAFVR have it as well. It stems from being a big fish to being a minnow overnight!
    Some of the cadets who have come through my unit's doors have had to be slapped down (metaphorically speaking) pretty hard. Some don't make it, those that do turn out to be credits to the unit.

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