Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Henry_the_Green_Engine, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. I've had a look round the site at the various postings on AIB, and there is a lot of comprehensive information.

    One thing I wanted to check because I've not (yet) found it mentioned explicitly - do RNR AIB candidates attened the same AIB, and at the same time, as those going for the RN? I presume that is the case (One Navy and all that) - and therefore that the preparation would be the same.


  2. Yes, the same AIB.

    As an aside (times change - my advice may no longer be valid); when I was a regular sender of people to AIB, they expected different levels of knowledge depending on whether you were a direct entry candidate, ex-URNU, or an RNR rating (just like the regulars) so anticipate the depth of questioning you will get.
  3. Thanks Uncle Albert.
  4. To support UA's comment, I attended AIB as an RNR DE, and I was joined by another RNR DE, a Schoolie applicant and ME(SM) applicant (upper yardsman). The naval knowledge is the only customised paper you get, and you're expected to have upper yardsman knowledge. If you're going in as direct entry, the best advice is to bone up on your fleet organisational structure - who 2SL is, where he resides etc.

    Be ready with an answer if they offer you full time!
  5. As an opposite I entered as a DE and did the DE paper with the other school/uni entrants. The RNR rating did the in service test.
  6. So what did/would you say? 8)
  7. When I did mine anyone who had any previous RNR or URNU experience did the 'in service' paper for Service Knowledge.

    I seem to remember a candidate for RNR officer being told he'd be accepted if he went for regular but would not get selected for RNR
  8. Now how does that work? Not in anyway doubting your story.

    However, the regular selection for BRNC is based on the score you attain and therefore the position you have on the selection list against your peers.

    The RNR, as I understand it, doesn't have the same issues. However I stand ready to be corrected?

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