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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by NautiusMaximus, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering what other people's experience is with getting these forms approved by your units. I've recently had one rejected that I sent in 2 weeks before the training event, because apparently 6 weeks notice is needed (wouldn't it be nice if someone had told me that when I joined?) This is despite the training event in question still being promoted in our unit long after the 6 week deadline had passed.

    I'm pretty new to all this, and finding it rather baffling...
  2. Never had that problem mate, only reason I can think of for them to refuse is that any flights to wherever you were going may be much more expensive <6 wks before the travel date.
  3. I think it sometimes depends on the unit, or even the PSI you're submitting them to.

    I've been on training BEFORE an RNR 16 has been submitted.

    I've had training cancelled after submitting an RNR 16 and recieving the budget control form confirming my authorisation to go.

    I believe a certain unti inthe north east :thumright: demands a very early submission.

    Bearing in mind that some training doesn't get promulgated that far in advance i would find it extremely difficult. I would suggest that two weeks advanced notice is ample at most units.
  4. the 6 week rule was put in to allow units to plan ahead with regards to numbers and also getting cheap flights if required, also with the centeralised UPO it would allow time for the info to reach them, be actioned and get back to you.

    This really applied to your ORT which you should plan out on your PTP or whatever its called now giving you 6 months notice let alone 6 weeks.

    Weekends are a different matter especially if they are in unit, although if they are promolugated early enough you should be able to plan that far ahead. My branch at our unit gave out the year training plan before christmas and we had all their 16's in at the start of the year. This has made planning of resources, instructors and training facilities a breeze, its just the wardroom who can't seem to grasp the idea at the moment.

    Lets face it we are all sick of weekends being cancelled last minute due to lack of numbers and this system is designed to stop this. There will be exceptions where people can or cannot make it at the last minute for personnel or operational reasons or when a place suddenly comes up on a course, and this will be sorted on a case by case basis.
  5. Thanks for the helpful thoughts, everyone.

    I guess the take-home message is I should have got my RNR 16 in sooner. I'm fairly sure I didn't know about the event 6 weeks before it happened, but I could have got my form in a couple of weeks earlier than I did if I'd been a bit more organised, and then maybe I'd have had more luck.

    BTW, the cheap flights has nothing to do with it: this training event is only a shortish drive away.
  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I find that often the training programme for the branch has a placeholder, but no detaild for the weekend. These aren't promulgated until a couple of weeks before and its only then that I'll know if I want to do the weekend as it may not be relevant. Cue lots of shouting from overworked, stressed PSI's as they only have 4 weeks to enter details into an excel spreadsheet rather than 6.

    No offence to the good eggs in the PSI community, but I genuinely wonder how some of the PSI's I've seen over the years will cope in the real world when they're put under real workplace pressure.
  7. Think you'll tend to find that if you're applying for some training that's a regular, nationally run thing (Bisley, Merwexes etc), then the PSI's are going to be quite strict on the whole 6 week deadline thing. However if the training is in-house, or locally run, then they can be run at short notice and so they are a bit more flexible as to when RNR16s can be handed in.
    Again though, it can all depend on the PSI!
  8. Well, I don't know about that, but I do suspect that if the staff in the company I work for in my civvy job had to jump through the same hoops to get the training we need as seems to be necessary in the RNR, then we'd have gone out of business a long time ago as the clients got fed up of dealing with untrained staff.
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    From my own observations, I'm not entirely sure what some of the PSI's do all week. I appreciate the difficulties involved in trying to track down reservists and make course bookings - but some of them over the years have taken obstruction to a fine art. Come in late Monday (commute), half day Tuesday, come in for drill night and shut access to office between 1915-2030hrs (i.e. when someone is going to be free to see them), take Wed morning off for recovery. Go home early Friday lunchtime to commute. They don't know how lucky they are!
  10. Dont want to turn this into a PSI bashing contest, but in my time with the RNR I've experienced both really good and really bad PSI's. Having a really good, enthusiastic PSI really does make all the difference. Had one at my unit a few years back, and the morale of the whole unit was lifted as a result. :afro:
  11. Have to agree with the lofty one on this.

    We've gone from a PSI hiding paperwork in drawers, cupboards etc while telling the people involved that he never got it (tosser), to the fantastic.
    Our last PSI's were tops, really keen and very much a part of the ships company.

    Some of them do see it as an easy ride and get away with doing as little as possible. Only a few weeks ago one told me that he couldn't wait to deploy somewhere hot and sunny as it was boring as hell surfing the net all day!

    In my experience it has always been the vast minority of weekend training opportunities which paperwork is submitted six weeks in advance. Most of the time i would expect to submit my paperwork two weeks before the date and still get on it. Thats partly because the training opportunities are not always promulgated far enough in advance.

    ORT is a different kettle of fish. Usually we get early notice of this so you have no excuse.

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