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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Sad though I am, I recently watched the RNR100 dvd, I have to admit, it made me fell quite proud. And helped chip away at the veneer of cynicism that builds up. Especially in these days of JPA, DII, VSA,KPIs, etc etc.
    It reminded me what a fantastic day it was.
    I was involved with the security and background parade ground organisation on the day and really enjoyed it. I remember about 300 of us in a pub behind Scotland Yard , happy days.

    What are your memories of the day ?
  2. They could have made a much better hash of the intro I though - so home video!!

    A great day, and just showed how you could hide 1200 personnel in central London with virtually no media inetrest.

    We were in the pub just off Parliament Square. Great when the peace protest marched past, all very quiet and looking sheepish as we all turned around (some 200 Jack in rig) to stare at them.
  3. I remember being in the VIP tent aafterwards (my unit pinged me to do this) and met Charlie....we were constantly getting our wine glasses topped up, and were all half cut...but didnt get much food...where the rest of the mob went somewhere else and got loads to eat, but no booze!!
  4. That was the pub I was in, I remember the Admiral stopping and us all cheering him .
  5. Fainting and having to be taken off the parade ground before Heart of Oak. I was devastated.
  6. Rosina, surely not !! An old salt like you as well.

    BTW did you get your situation sorted ?
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The "appearance" of the RNR100 mural/wall hanging from the VIP tent on the bus of a nameless RTC, and the instigators (not me!) of its liberation telling how they had started removing it and enlisted the help of at least one senior officer (Commodore!) in doing this. The painting was duly photographed with the Ship's Company of the "guilty" unit and eventually returned to London.

    I went to the reception at the Convention Centre and was lucky enough to be one of the early arrivals - lots of finger food and 2 or 3 bevvies; the later arrivals didn't quite get the same selection of food (us early arrivals having scoffed it to keep in shape - round is a shape isn't it?) and the drinks supply was also drying up. Also met up with a number of ex-RNRs who were marching which allowed me to renew old friendships with a few of my new-entry instructors who I'd lost touch with as a consequence of several unit moves.
  8. I wasn't involved in the (mis)appropriation of such an item, however, if anyone would like to see a picture of the aforementioned item being displayed within its' temporary home..

  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I lost my copy - why not upload a copy to the gallery?
  10. I, along with a few others from the 'waste of space tosser rnr' (see nelsons bloods recent post) was somewhere hot, having been mobilised in february. More than a bit gutted to have missed it, having been chosen as one of the royal guard PO's, but hey, i got a medal out of it! :bball:
  11. Great day:).....just a baby matlot then....couple of things stand out for me...the march back down Birdcage walk I was in one of the last platoons to march off and as soon as everyone was in Birdcage walk it was fantastic seeing every arm move as one:) (appart from the idiot up the front calling the cadence half a step out of time and the 3-ringer leading an officer platoon anounced loudly that we should ignore the "fecking idiot" lol)

    And seeing @300 matlots trying to cram into a small pub by the conference centre was intresting lol.cracking day and I am proud I was there:)
  12. Marching from Wellington Barracks to Horse Guards with all the snipers (tourists) not having a clue what was going on. Also having Heart of Oak played several times while we (in the Guard), marched past.

    A very proud day.

    Regardless of the lack of media coverage, it was one of the things that I will always remember and thats all that I really give a damn about.

    Massive thanks to Chief "Blood" Reid and the Ceremonial Parade staff for making the Royal Guard a bloody awesome experience.
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  13. It's the RNR's 150th in 2009 (The 2003 was the RNVR's). Not quite sure what is being arranged.
  15. It was a great day, organised by a great man - Capt Robert Avis. He organised it the entire RNR100 series of events, despite being seriously ill. I will never forget seeing him look down from the Old War Office, having discharged himself from hospital for the day (against doctors advise).

    He did a fantastic job, was awarded a well deserved OBE, and is sadly missed by all of us who had the honour to serve with him.
  16. I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the (few) ratings who got to go to the official reception with HRH aftarwards. On our way into the tent we were stopped to let him past and he stopped to talk to us. I thought he was a thoroughly nice bloke in the five minutes or so we spoke.

    As i recall it he commented on how the RM band striking into life really got the blood pumping, and i would have to agree with him.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the day was extremely proud to have been there.

    Absolutely gutted and embarrassed when my copy of the "official" video arrived to see that my 5 year old son could have done better with our lass's mobile phone - what a bloody disgrace for such an important anniversary.
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Aye RIP Capt Bob - but the miserable bugger never did credit me for my photos which were used in the RNR100 book! :)
  18. The one memory of the day that will stick with me forever is the peace protest marched past. Just hearing NO WAR! NO WAR! NO, oh sh1t be quite. What I really want to know is, did anybody get a photo of it?
  19. A wonderful day, though I spent most of it standing around with a stretcher... I have fond memories of a midshipman getting onto the bus & all the passengers rushing to get their tickets out thinking he was a conductor :giggle:

    I think I remmeber another parade when some civvy types were startled to see a Lt with a sword, I can imagine them all standing in que thinking "Ooo, the conductor has a sabre! What's going on here?"

  20. Remember the Glasgow March - "Gays & Lesbians against the war" were protesting in George Square, just where the Bootie band were due to stand for the marchpast.
    Band arrives, marches straight into them without a pause, protesters scattered everywhere, & then the band just hit the LOUD button for the marchpast!

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