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Hey everyone I have a quick question regarding the RNPCS Uniform, but as this is my first post on here, a bit of background first.

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a Crab and have been for nigh on 18yrs. I usually haunt E-Goat so if you have ever been over on the light blue side you might recognize my patter.

I'm currently serving alongside the FAA as part of 17(R)Sqn on the F-35 in California (Not that I'm bragging or anything...) and noticed that we lack a Unit Badge. This badge is usually affixed to the left arm Velcro patch under the Union Jack on the MTP Uniform. Designing one isn't an issue as according to the Register of Approved Formation Badges, 17 Sqns badge should consist of:

"A Green or Sand Shield, halved diagonally in colour, superimposed with a gauntlet"

So it's easy for the RAF as we have an established way for this but my WO (Navy) requested if I could find out how you guys would wear it with your RNPCS Uniform, if at all.

If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be very much appreciated.
We don't wear unit patches on PCS as a rule although WAFU ratings wear them on their ovies.

I wasn't a WAFU though (avatar is a clue) but my eldest boy was, to my eternal shame ;)


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In California?

Surely the RN should be in immaculate tropical whites, complete with shorts and long white socks, hence negating the need for any such jimmy-come-lately badges and insignia?

Problem solved. NEXT.....
When I was on 20(R) Squadron @Wittering we wore the XX badge in green on our CS25 rig. I can see a problem with the RN personnel wearing a 17(R) patch if they are attached to the Squadron (maybe wear it upside down as a sign of distress ;))

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