Hello ladies and gents,

Just wondering if anybody has any info on joining the RNMCC. The website isn't very helpful and i've asked about and nobody seems to know much about it at all.

Any advice or contact details would be appreciated - i'm at Collingrad 'til December.

Isn't there a "chapter" in Collingrad any more then?

I was a member when at Sultan years ago and seem to remember meets with the Collinwood lads :)
Follow Clanky's advice mate and the club meet every Wednesday evening around 1900. There is normally a fair few at the Sultan one, but as far as I can remember, no-one ever seems to meet up in Drake.

Not too many rideouts this time of year, but there are plenty to be had in the summer months along with various club events such as, Treasure Hunt, skills night, BBQ etc.

I go along some nights, but it depends on the football as I am normally at a Champions League game, being a gooner. ;-)

Just pitch up and I am sure you will be made to feel welcome mate.
Hi Guys, Im a committee member of RNMCC Pompey Branch. We are a VERY active branch with about 30 or so bikes there most weeks. We have summer ride outs, a brill rally and a pretty full social calendar including Children in Need national collection and runs up to the BMF rallies in Peterborough. There are LOTS of member benefites including discount atmost of the local bike shops etc and BMF membership. If you want to know more just Email me at>>>> [email protected] or pop down to HMS Sultan on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT from 7.00 until late! Ask fo me or George!

See you there maybe.

brigham600 said:
Welcome aboard Ian and I know exactly whey you have chosen that user name. :)
And his picture's in tonight's News on the 'Children-in-Need' article if anyone wants to check out the choice of user name :afro:
Hi one and all. I am the chairman of the RNMCC and I am happy to clarify a few points.

Unfortunately the Drake branch closed about a month ago. Collingwood does not have a branch either; however, the Portsmouth branch is thriving. We meet as stated on a Wednesday night in Fort Grange and all are welcome. Come down for between half seven and eight and have a free brew.

I look forward to seeing some of you soon

Cheers Rowbo99 hope your Children in Need ride went well
Best wishes to all the members of the RNMCC, I was membership and rally sec 87-90 and still know a few of your older members
Hope to see you all at the Jack Tar to celebrate Spikes 20th year of playing at the rally
Ride Safe
RNMCC,now theres a blast from the past.Good to know they are still going strong.I remember meeting the lads from the Rosyth branch about 5 yerars ago,im sure the guy who ran it at the time was the Buffer in Caley,nice bloke.Dont even know if they're still going up here.