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RNH Haslar Reunion 2013


The 3rd RNH Haslar Reunion is being held in Gosport Weekend of 3rd-5th May 2013.
Fri 3rd: Drinks in the Bar of The Anglesey Hotel, The Crescent, Alverstoke. Gosport 1900-2359 ish!
Sat Nite: 1960's-70's Disco with DJ Steve Campion in The ballroom of The Thorngate Halls, Bury Road Gosport 1900-2345
Sunday DTS: 1200-1700 also in the Thorngate Ballroom with £10 per head Buffet (included in Ticket Price) and with Shep Woolley entertaining.

Guided Tour of RNH Haslar approx 1100 on Sat 4th.

Tickets £30 per head to all who trained or Served in RNH Haslar.

For tickets purchase details pse contact ex POMA Dave Rawson (1968-92) by email on [email protected] or search for RNH Haslar Reunion on


War Hero
Most MA's/SBA's I served with would be a little sheepish taking their wives/partners to a Haslar reunion, some of their ex vict, er I mean associates could be present.


War Hero
Well I did offer but you turned me down.
You need to get over scouse its holding you back.:wink:
You will never take me away from Scouse, though I am curious cos me mate sez once you've ad black you never go back:love6:


War Hero
You will never take me away from Scouse, though I am curious cos me mate sez once you've ad black you never go back:love6:

Aye, black in a crack and you don't look back, unless you've had horse and the lockers slack.
Completely off topic, I was in Liverpool last week and had a humongous bowl of scouse. Top scran, it was friggin delicious.
As you come in on the M62 and turn right towards Bootle (canal street by the old nick and court house) cafe on the left going down that way.
Get in.:thumbup:
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