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My wife and I, who met and married at Haslar, were just chatting and wondered what had become of the Medical Museum there and the fine collection of gruesome exhibits such as a Chinese lady's bound feet, two heads in jars (each executed by a shot between the eyes) and a whole load of unpleasant bits and pieces in formaldehyde. Does anybody know?



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Went round this museum ages ago - at the time it was staffed by volunteers & open Wednesday afternoons only. A crying shame if it has been got rid of. Gruesome though!
The developers who bought Haslar have a website with some video clips and stills of the grounds and the hospital inside, which might stir up happy memories (in the Gallery section):

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I note this paragraph from this page:

"In 1995 RNH Plymouth closed, and its books, archives and anatomical specimens were transferred to RNH Haslar. In 1996, RNH Haslar passed from the control of the RN to the Defence Secondary Care Agency, and a decision was made that the historical collections from both Haslar and Plymouth should be taken into the care of the Institute of Naval Medicine".

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Sol, You're a star - I'm always amazed how quickly you can find this sort of information. Its good to know the exhibits are in safe hands although I think the 2 heads (which were from the Boxer Rebellion) were returned to China some time ago. I used to hold a set of keys to the Museum and would show senior visitors around although I didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Well, apart from the obvious 'There's a head. There's a foot etc'. It was always a good place to show young nursing officers around as well! I've looked at the website about the future of Haslar but I'll reserve my judgement until I actually see what they do.

Thanks again - Jambosun

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