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RNH Haslar Heritage Group


War Hero
....taken from the RNH Stonehouse reunion site.


Of All readers.

With the planned closure of RH Haslar in July 2009 the current Haslar Heritage Group are now in discussion regarding the full formation of the group and what will be a supporting group 'The Friends of Haslar'.

The aim is to subsantiate the group and we are currently discussing with Hampshire Museums and Gosport Council to seek the use of St Luke's Haslar as a Heritage Centre and will have to discuss the way forward with either Defence Estates or any new owner of the site, anyone got £11 million?

We already occupy St Luke's but this is for the moment a temporary arrangement through the understanding of the Hospital Director.

The overall aim will be to bring about a centre through which Haslar and other Naval hospitals can be celebrated in history, along with all who worked within the RN Medical Service, RN Medical Branch, QARNNS, VAD's, Wren SBA's and Naval Nurses and civil staff.

We already hold a wealth of materiel, photos etc and have recently held discussions with the QARNNS and VADs who are supportive of our aims. Just a need to bring this to the attention of the RN Medical Branch Association at the AGM in May.

The group are also in discussion with the History Press regrading the publication of a coffee table book 'Haslar' for publication in 2009.

For further information work is still being undertaken with the help of the Royal Marine Band service to produce a CD of marches and music associated with Haslar and the RN Medical Branch in general. We await further work on this with the RM Band School of Music.

Would be happy to receive any comments etc from readers and Branch members, retired or serving.

All best wishes,

Eric C Birbeck
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