RNH Haslar become an Airsoft site.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andym, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Having found out that RNH Haslar is to be a bloody paintball and airsoft site i am ******* livid.I sent the company responsible a message....................

    I would like to know just HOW you managed to get permission to use RNH HAslar as a site?As an Ex RN Medical Assistant i find this not only a DISGRACE£ but an INSULT to all that served and died in RNH Haslar over the years.It is deplorable that you have been allowed to "play" soldiers in such a place.i for one will be highlighting this obscenity to my MP and various other bodies including the MoD.I will look forward to your reply with interest.

    Contact UCAP – Ucap Airsoft
    I urge you all to take action on this,or we will lose Haslar all together.It was supposed to be set aside for an RN version of Chelsea Hospital,obviously some palms have been greased!
  2. That is a disgrace anyway of getting a petition going on this
  3. I have placed posts on various FB pages and the Haslar Heritage site.I also emailed the "shoreleave at Haslar" organisation about this.I will be giving this more thought as where to go next.My MP(for what its worth) will be getting and e mail.
  4. Will be keeping a watch on this one, I know I had some disagreements with some medical staff (civvy acting for mob) but the Lads and lasses at Haslar, sorted out my Busted Leg , so I have a lot to thank them for and to think they want to turn it into a paintball centre is totally ridiculous, I thought the buildings were listed.
  5. It actually belongs to Our Enterprise Haslar, though, doesn't it?

    Royal Haslar
  6. we just recieved this message

    Hi All
    My name is Andy Stevens and I own the company that will be using the cross links for our Airsoft Games.

    We are very mindful of the History of Haslar, many of our customers are service personnel themselves and we have always supported service ch

    We intend to use the Modern Crosslinks part of the site, it's been completely trashed and we are in the process of cleaning it up. It's due to be demolished in 7 months time to make way for a matching block to the listed part.

    One of the major concerns the owners have is people breaking into the site and damaging the building, take Cane Hill Assylum, a listed building gutted by fire, one of the benefits of our being on site until they start the restoration is activity, it's great for keeping people out.

    We also operate a WWII bunker that we spent months and a fortune clearing out, as a mark of respect we offer free tours to all sorts of groups, they would not have been able to view the complex without the Airsoft paying for the work.

    We are playing exclusively inside the modern part, we won't be running around the site.

    We also used the modern part of the King Edward VII hospital in Midhurst, the locals saw it as a last hussar for a building that, similarly to Haslar should never have been closed in the first place.

    We aren't wannabe soldiers, just normal people who like to run about and let off some steam in a controlled and insured environment. We had also discussed running a game or two and giving the proceeds to the Haslar Groups to help them run their organisations, couple of my players work in the memorial gardens. My site managers wife was and A&E nurse at Haslar and my Brother was an ODP here. My wife had surgery here, this is something I bare in mind and the pride in putting the building back together and keeping it tidy until they smash it down is real.

    If we can have some fun, earn some money and raise some for charity along the way, this is a beautiful site and at least it can finish on a happy note before it comes down, is that so bad.

    I'm more than happy to meet you and discuss what we are doing and how we are doing it, the last game we ran at Midhurst netted £2000 for the charity te developers chose.

    Thanks for your time

  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As the MOD sold the site in 2009, I rather think that 'we' have 'lost' it already......
  8. andym. It looks like a fairly balanced and well argued reply to me. I've only experienced the joys of Haslar twice and it was the brick with a steel fire escape bit. Leaving aside the emotion felt for the poor buggers who came out in a box, that bit's just a building.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Having read the measured and appropriate reply, methinks Andy doth protest too much.
  10. Just remembering that Richard Bell Davies ended his days at Haslar 64... A friend of mine was on special watch for him in his final days!!! Rip
  11. You think that's bad? There's a rumour flying around that they're going to demolish the Royal Portsmouth Hospital in Commercial Road. Not even the Luftwaffe managed that although it had a damned good try.

    Next thing you know, they'll be building a bloody supermarket on the site!

    (Oh, oh. Too late - (The Former) Royal Portsmouth Hospital.)
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  12. Agreed,

    Especially as their websites states <<...We are using the modern areas of the hospital due for demolition, purely inside and respectfully avoiding the sensitive areas.>>

    I'm sure there are many on here with experiences/dits about their experiences of RNH Haslar.

    OP could do well by opening a thread seeking those from RR contributors then adding them to the heritage site:

    Haslar Heritage Group

    Haslar as an equivalent to Chelsea? Unless the OP has some further news I'd think that would be a distinct non-runner: Greenwich was the original equivalent but only lasted in that role until 1869.
  13. Get a fuckin' grip. It used to be a hospital, now it's not.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This almost made me ruffle my Telegraph in mild distaste, but I managed to hold back the obligatory harrumph.
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  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    That's a great idea and if anyone gets hurt theres plenty of bedspace. Now when are they turning HMS Plymouth into a reef?
  16. Haslar.
    Pull the ****** down. I got my nurse.:smile::-*
    Mind it was a handy place to be drafted as you had a leisure centre over the road. Ah Turk town, sorry I meant of course Rowner. You could nearly get dressed whilst running from rowner to Haslar. Not if being chased of course.
  17. andym, do you have any alternative ideas for uses of the site?
  18. Unlike everyone here, I am young....

    I have actually been to the UCAP bunker on portsdown hill near the T45 mock up, not this one in question for an airsoft game. The guys who worked there were really good eggs and were quite happily showing passers by around the site in between games and telling them the history behind the underground tunnels we were using.

    There is no harm in what it the Gosport site is being used for, rather used for people to have fun in than be demolished, no logic in the OP's argument/letter of annoyance.

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