RNH Haslar (And the other one)

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by andym, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Room for odd Medical dits and stuff.Peeps with foreign objects in soft sqwadgy bits. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. aha ! like the bic biro down the Jap's eye ....
  3. Yeah and the 3 feet of fish tank tubing and the 10 matches! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Walking around Haslar is pretty sad now - loads of empty wards and buildings. All is racing towards the Military Withdrawal from Haslar next year. A lot of services have moved across to QAH, Building 80 has decanted to Alecto Block in FBH and the Senior Rates' Mess now houses civilian staff!

    Wandering around a couple of months ago I had to go through the SRs' Mess and I felt guilty being there! There must have been some pretty big party nights there - the huge bar with dance floor and disco lights is all still there (disused), and there is still a peg-in board downstairs with "Senior Rates Borne in RNH HASLAR" at the top of it! The Mess Pres board is one of the few things which still exists in the Mess - surprised it's still there to be honest!

    Progress is great, isn't it? ;)
  5. Shame,total waste of money!!!Makes the blood boil as well!We had some pretty heavy parties in the Haslar club.Ah happy days!
  6. If RNH is closing is there going to be a new smaller rnh or is something tri service??going to happen.Yes it is a shame it was a wonderful hospital in fact al the military hospitals were
  7. The med services will be farmed out to certain NHS hospitals so they will have MOD wings.It a wrong move and will be to the detriment of the Standard of care in my opinion.Cant see Army,Navy and RAF MA's getting along.To big a difference in training.They should keep 1 hospital for the Army and 1 for the RAF and Haslar for the RN.
  8. Ive got to agree with that andym.Not been mediclal i wouldhave thought something the lines of the BMH's like on foriegn stations
  9. Military hospitals in principle are great but they are incompatible with modern medicine. For a start we do not have enough MOs never mind nurses and MBRs to run a decent hospital on our own, with all relevant specialties. Military medicine needs most surgical specialties and plenty of medical specialties, and the best way to keep our people trained and skilled is for them to work with the NHS where the caseload is much better. A neurosurgeon who only sees one case a year would be a pretty crap surgeon.

    I don't like it, and would love to wind the clock back 20 years, but we can't do that. I agree the Service ethos has gone now that we've moved into MDHUs (Ministry of Defence Hospital Units), which are fully integrated triservice units in NHS hospitals. Believe it or not, the ethos loss is much worse for MOs and nurses than MBRs.

    I would say the majority of those in the branch would like to see a more RN-driven medical service but, for better or worse, purple days are here!
  10. The Haslar dit below was written many moons ago by an old oppo of mine, Mick Jones, from the Merseyside Submarine Association. Ironic that today Mick is himself in dry dock in Fazarkerly Hospital in Liverpool with a life threatening illness. But no matter what, you still cannot keep this old Irish matelots sense of humour down, as is well illustrated in the following dit:


    It was Christmas Day in Haslar, the whitewashed halls were hung
    with merry festive greetings, all the carols had been sung.

    When Matron came to the Men's Ward door, and in a voice so clear
    she announced a Royal visitor to bring them Christmas cheer.

    Princess Margaret stepped into the room, her tiara on her head
    dispensing royal goodwill, as she moved from bed to bed.

    She asked each man his trouble, as she moved on through the halls
    till she came to the bed of the man who said, he had boils upon his balls.

    The Sick Bay Tiffies giggled, and the Matron's face went scarlet red
    as she pulled Her Royal Highness away from that patients bed.

    "Who gave him sherry trifle, and started off his frolics?
    when I get back I'll give him worse than boil's upon his bollocks."

    It was Christmas night in the wee small hours, and not a patient stirred
    when Matron came to the bed of the man, who had said that awful word.

    She pulled the blankets off him, and then upon him she started
    "How dare you tell a Royal Princess about your boily parts?"

    "If ever again in future we're visited by one of our Royal select
    and they ask you what your problem is, please show them some respect.

    Think about our reputation, and don't make of us a spectacle
    just say they're on your hands or knees, but never on your testicles."

    It was Christmas Day in the ward once more, and joy was in the air
    once more a Royal visitor, the Queen, herself was there.

    Her Majesty walked down the ward, amidst the snap of Xmas cracker's
    till she came to the bed of the man who said, he had boils upon his knackers.

    When she asked him what his trouble was, his face was full of woe
    then inspiration struck him, and he said "Boils upon my toe's".

    "How very sad" the Queen replied, "How very sad Oh! dear"
    "they must have spread down from your balls, since our Maggie came last year."

    by Jones 'O' Unbroken

    from Musings of a Merry Matelot
  11. WTF is an ethos loss?! And how the feck do you know it's worse for MOs and Nurses? Most MOs only join up for five years easy money and in NHS hospitals nursey gets to lord it over the MAs.
  12. It is best summed up as "enough to make you cry"!

    Why cannot they see what harm they do!

    Here's hoping that not too many families have no father returning home simply because this country cannot afford to provide them with adequate treatment.
  13. Ethos is hard to define, but its basically about being "in the club" with similar folks and sharing the experience. Its difficult to quantify, but you know its missing when its gone. Placing DMS personnel into NHS hospitals basically means they are working for the NHS, not the DMS. Fro some there is very little "military medical service" to be seen; one military doctor and everyone else is a strawberry or one or two nurses in a ward or department. Many feel that they might as well leave the military and go and work for the NHS fulltime; the job will be pretty much identical and there will be an absence of the nausea of Service life.

    I guess it would be like training to be a member of the master-race (X-branch), learning to drive warships but then spending most of your day job driving the Isle of Wight Ferry, and being the only RN body there.
  14. Very soon, there will be no RN to speak of since the government are being pushed to support the Army (quite rightly) and they cannot, or will not, see that we are still a nation which relies on the sea for our supplies. Still, I suppose it was different a hundred years ago and it will be different a hundred years from now, and we won't be here to worry about it. So long as my pension keeps hitting the bank I don't give a monkey's fart!
  15. Talking of Matrons, I was in RNH Bighi in Malta in the 60's the ward was basicaly for peeps with head injuries/ operations, plus several other men from the 3 services. The sister on the ward was having an argument with a young lad from the Duke Of Edinburghs regiment :biggrin: about sex, she was saying that he did not know how to do it , they were going at it hammer and tonges without any swearing as we had some young kids in the ward, when who should come in but the matron who stood watching before she said anything, how the sister got away with it I don't know but she did. ^_^;
  16. just one note, the MA's training is now tri service so they all learn the same thing at the same place, one more move towards Armed forces rather than 3 separate services.

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