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I am hoping I could get some advice please.

Where can I find out what the RNFT involves? In particular the swimming tests. I have been looking around on the RN website but can find what I'm looking for.

Any help would be appreciated.



War Hero
From your DO, UPO, PT Staff or in DIN's; there isn't a swimming option though.

Unless you mean for new entry fitness testing. If you do the careers office will know. Alternative would be to send me a PM and I'll check for you at work next week.
As long as you can walk talk and think at the same time you will be ok.
If not there is always the RNR :wink:
Come on guys, only joking.. :lol:


Thanks for your replies.

I've checked out the link that tugg gave (cherrs tugg! :D ) it does helps, but the main thing I'm concerned about is the swimming.

The story is - I joined the Army (infantry) at 18 and left after completing the minimum service. Now I'm 25 and would like to go back before I get too old. But I quite like the look of the RN or RM.

I have been working on my fitness to get back into shape. I've got the 2.4km run under 8 and a half minutes and feel pretty confident about the other parts of the tests....but I'm not really a brilliant swimmer :(

I've been going every morning to improve, but I wondered if there is a minimum standard, so I can set a goal/something to aim for etc?


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The RNFT is a 2.4 Km. If you are doing sub 8.5 min times then you are laughing. There is a naval swimming test, which you will have to pass at Raleigh. The exact details escape me, but it is'nt very difficult. If you do have snags with the test you will get some remedial training prior to retaking the test. I failed mine first time back in 83, much to my consternation, as I was a really strong swimmer!


Lantern Swinger
Murray said:
....but I'm not really a brilliant swimmer :(

I've been going every morning to improve, but I wondered if there is a minimum standard, so I can set a goal/something to aim for etc?

Jump off 8ft board, tread water for 3 mins in middle of pool, swim 1 & 1/2 Lengths, all with overalls on.


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How many remember the swimming test at Ganges in those white duck suits ? OK if you were first up and they were dry, but when wet they were like a lead weight. And the PTI's with their long poles to push you off if you tried to reach the side of the pool (never mind it you were drowning. Failed my test, but soon qualified when told no leave until I did
RN Swimming Test is even easier than that, isn't it? Last I heard it was 2 lengths, float for 2 minutes and get out of pool. No treading water required.

Personally, I can't see why we have to do one anyway - the RAF don't have to learn to fly by flapping their arms, so they are given parachutes. We are given lifejackets and liferafts. No problem!


Lantern Swinger
RM swimming test is something like jump off 10ft board, 2 lengths in ovies, tread water for 3-5 mins. All this with webbing weights and a DP rifle on. Then you need to hand the webbing and weapon out to an instructor without touching the side and without your head going under to much.

I was a club class swimmer and even I found the last bit a little tough but managed it. Some blokes go all the way to pass out without managing it, they arent allowed to leave CTC without it.
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