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I saw an RNTM today detailing changes to the RNFT, they will be bringing in Press Ups and Sit Ups. It is going to be phased in at the training establishments this year with a view to full introduction in 2013.

The usual run will happen then a minimum of 5 minutes rest followed by maximum effort press ups and sit ups (a minute for each). There was no mention of the amount required for each age range but I'm sure that will be promulgated in due course.

A good move and about time in my opinion.
I thought that was standard? so up until now normal navy fatties have only had to do a shuttle run instead of 23ish press ups 39ish sit-ups and 2.4km in 11min?


Sounds like they're trying to align it more with the RAF and Army. In doing so I wonder if they'll phase out the mile and half in favour of the MSFT and increase the level required as, as it stands, the RAF and Army have a higher pass requirement than the RN does. A good move I think.


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I believe its going to be the same as the Crabs but I wonder if we'll get their minimum (6 month pass) and maximum (12 month pass) standards. I still can't work out of I like that regime.
Wait the crabs and army have an easier time of it that the navy... the army pass time for me is 12m 30s not 11m 38... and the raf well....


The RAF can only do the MSFT. The 2.4km run is not an option for them. I can't comment on Army as don't know what their fitness standards are.
could be a good idea it might convince people to refrain from packing in the £10 pound NAAFI bags, complete with "HARIBOS" and "BURGER BITES" during stand easy

Army varies from cap badge to cap badge but as a general rule the 2.4km is 10 mins 30 secs and follows a warm up run, this is then followed by 2 mins of press ups and 2 mins of sit ups. I can't remember the exact number but I think it's around 50.
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