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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Running_Man, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Yet another newbie, long-time lurker first-time poster.

    Does anyone know the course record for the RNFT?
  2. I know there are many, many Army bods who will do 2.4km in around 7 mins; indeed, a good club runner (i.e. County standard) would be looking at or around 7 mins (based on the Steeplechase)...
  3. I belive the record for one class is 6 cardiac arrests and 2 fatal breathing problems :-D
  4. I did it in 2 secs below required once, a bloody record for me!!!!
  5. Anything better than the minimum is wasted effort!
  6. I'm some way off that standard, managed 8.02 at the RNAC in Nov last year.

    Think there were a few potential cardics cases and definitely alot of fatal breathing problems on that FT...

  7. Edit: cardiac cases...
  8. Tis my philosophy too.

    It's better to pass then get better once training gets under way rather than start like a rocket then performance drops off.

    Worked for me as most training is looking for improvement!!!!

    "Never peak too early," dear ole dad used to say!!
  9. Who cares, the Rockport Walk rules OK
  10. Gets my vote too, for winners!
  11. Yes but it it those who put in minimum effort in training that fail it 18 months later when they get to my ship, start going to Jesters every night and doing no exercise. Always try hard doing your RNFT is what I would say - it will save someone like me putting you on warning later on.
  12. A hard instructor!!!!!:evil4:

    All I'm saying is being the best/fastest is very difficult to improve upon.
  13. 8.02 is bloody good. I wouldn't go crazy trying to beat that. Just keep it up and pass nicely, you'll be way up the front in most cases anyway.
  14. That was my philosophy, until I ditched the RW in favour of the MSFT. Takes less time and less effort.

    Firstly, you are saying that like it's a bad thing.
    Secondly, have you never heard of Dancerobics? (For the uninitiated, this form of exercise requires significant fluid intake, which is why you have to go to places like Jesters, the Union Rooms, or Reflex/Flares, where isoholic refreshment is readily available.)
  15. Wow, when i first started running last year shortly after my RT (naughty I know) I could not even run 1.5 miles because I was a portly tit. First time I managed it was around 15m and a year later with lots of running and cycling im now 12 stone and can do it in 09:50ish. I hope to get it closer to 9m.

    The RN has changed me quite a bit so far in preparation and I have not even got my foot in!
  16. Thats right, its the first rung of the ladder just getting fit to join.

  17. Was scanning through some of the previous posts and there was a racing snake who managed in in 7.34.

    Take the point people are making about not going too mental for starters, but if your into running and fairly competitive keeping your foot on the brake would be difficult I think... Not to mention ignoring the PTI's chants of encouragement from the sideline.

    A trainee PTI joined us on the run at the RNAC. I got told to shut my mouth by the PTI leading the activity when the trainee asked me if I was the fasted... cheers matey. Hopefully he got some stick back at the mirrored cave from whence he came, for being beaten by a lowly RNAC chumpo:-D
  18. Met a dear chap whos only a month away from doing his crab basic training and hes neglected his phys. Silly boy, so for this month hes teamed up with me to beast himself before he goes. Im gonna absolutely smash him! :muhaha:
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2011

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