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Hey everyone im quite new to this, and would just like to ask a silly? but if i don't ask i will never know!! While at Raleigh you do the RNFT how many times is it round the All-weather pitches???? and number 2 IF I FAIL(which i shouldnt) the fitness test in week 1, what happens do they send you home, or do they just want you to improve on your time??? any posts would be a great help thanks!!


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2.4Km run, target time, if a blerk under 25: 11 min 13 secs.

You should be able to do that before you get there, if you can't then get off the blummin' computer & start training now, lardy!

PS: Welcome!
haha yeah i can do it!lol just wanted to know what would happen and how many times it is round the all-weather lol!! been to raleigh abar 5 times as a sea cadet but aint gonna go and shout that out i know what happens lol!! but honestly would u get discharged or remedial???


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The S3049 Attestation Form, the bit of paper you sign on, states that you can be discharged for failing to meet the fitness standards required during the first 56 days of training.

It's a bit pointless pondering what could happen if you fail, the thing to do is focus on passing. The manner of your post suggests you are considering whether it's worth getting fit or not before you join.

It's entirely pointless wondering how many laps of an all-weather pitch equates to 2.4 Km unless you're doing your pre-joining fitness training in Raleigh. Even if you're a Sea Sprout & have got the Tee-Shirt, you still need to measure out a 2.4Km route & run it regularly.
no i am getting there passed my pjft in 11:45!! is it better to run a longer distance at a slower pace i can do the pace its my endurance thats quite hard for me!!! any tips for gettin it down to under 11:13 would be a great help!!! i dont run on treadmills its all on track!! thanks
Join a gym for the treadmill facilities i got my pjft to 9.07 seconds.

Just keep pumping out, dig in and you'll be fine.

I must state that i have been running regularly for a loing time, but good things come to those who try.
I run around my local lake that's exactly 1.25 miles around.

I aim to be able to run it 4 times before Raleigh, which would make it a 5 mile run, would that be enough to ensure I will piss the 2.4k run at Raleigh Ninja?


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Mathematics.....If you can run around a 1.25 mile lake in 10 mins 15 secs, that means you'll cover 1.5 miles in under 12 min 20 secs. (12m 18s)

In you can complete the fiirst 2 laps of the lake in under 20 mins 30 secs, then you are definitely on the right track, particularly if you continue to complete a full 4 laps.

In short - yup.
Cheers Ninja.

Well at this moment, I can't get past the 2 laps.

The worst thing about it is, my stamina is fine.

I'm only out of breath at the very end and that's because no matter what run I do, I always sprint the last going off just for that extra push.

The only thing stopping me from progressing is the fact that my shins and legs are on fire.

I haven't had the most active lifestyles so perhaps they're always going to be a bit behind my stamina when getting used to longer and longer distances.

But I'm in a bit of a quandary now, I don't know whether to stick to 2 laps, which is 2.5 miles, and just try to do it faster and faster every time, or do every run at 70%-80% effort to eventually push to 4 laps.

I suppose I could mix it up.
2.4Km run, target time, if a blerk under 25: 11 min 13 secs.
I'm confused by exactly what time the 2.4km run has to be done by a male, under 25 in week one; 11:13 or 12:20?. The reason I say this is because on the fitness standards form I was handed at the AFCO it says; "In addition to the Pre-Joining Fitness Test, you will be required to repeat the 2.4km run during the induction phase of your training at HMS Raleigh. The pass/fail criteria are the same as for the PJFT". It then goes on to say; "Before you complete New Entry Training you will be required to pass the RNFT. This is also a 2.4km run but the times are more demanding". From this I sought of got the picture that in week one you’re once again required to pass in under 12:20 and only later on in training is the RNFT taken when you are required to do it in 11:13.

Don't get me wrong I think everyone should be able to do it in under 11:13 when they arrive at Raleigh and I'm not looking for an easy ride, but I like to know exactly what the standards are.


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Yup, as stated, you re-take the PJFT when you join & the same standard applies. This is to ensure you haven't eaten all of the pies AFTER taking the original PJFT, but before you join.

The pass mark at around week four is 11:13 for "blerks" under 25 & the name changes from PJFT to RNFT.

The "thing is" that you must give your best effort from the outset as it would be pointless arriving with a PJFT time of 11:13 before you join, and only repeating/matching that time in week one & returning to complete the RNFT four weeks later in the same time. Your times are recorded & you must aim for a marked improvement at each time.

When you join your first attempt at Raleigh must be better than your original PJFT time & improve further for the RNFT.

Hope that makes sense, as I think I've just confused myself & need a lie down again.
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