How many members of the RNR Chaplaincy Service are there?
Are they paid?
Do they serve at sea?
Do they serve overseas?
How are they appointed?
yes,they recieve their rewards in Heaven.
Yes,they tend to walk upon it.
Yes,Missionary Drafts.
God does it.
Looks like andy has been mixing it with the alcohol again!! At least bumblebee didn't use the term"work" when referring to the God Squad.



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"That confirms my worst fears. Women in frocks wearing Pusser's very own pork filled clackers. Sailor's hats belong on sailors. The Padre should be sporting an ossifers gold lacey thing as a lid. "

He does now!


Lantern Swinger
The only male sailors wearing dresses should be marching in the Gay Pride parade..

although.. priest.. choir boys.. I wonder if President now has a choir ;)
We took the SM 3 C of E, RC and Church of Scotland sin bosuns to Gib for our Xmas shopping trip in 71: found them to be quite a trio of characters to talk to, but found them in a bar in Main Street, highly confused, singing "Here's to the next man to die" ! You had to be there to believe it...

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