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RNAY Wroughton


I was based at RNAY Wroughton prior to closing.(1980 to 82).
Drafted from Yeovilton to Wroughtons Airfield Fire Station as a Leading Airman (AH).
Our crew consisted of One CPO, one Leading Airman,one Naval Airman and two Civilians(RN trained in firefighting).
We had one TACR Mk1 Rescue vehicle(Three man crew).
Flying was few and far between by one RN Pilot(Lt.cdr) and one CPO Aircrewman.
Another RN Lt.Cdr manned the Control tower alone. Myself and the Naval Airman were housed at the main accomodation site with the Army and RAF personnel opposite the Hospital.
We also had a couple of RN staff with Naval recruiting on the other side of the Airfield. We had a NAAFI bar for socialising called "The Barbury club".
Overall,the draft was very chilled out and quiet for the most part,you might say Boring !
MOD Housing was between the Hospital and the Airfield for married personnel
Aircraft consisted of Helos only, Lynx,Gazelle,Wasp and possibly Wessex,all for test flying before being allocated to Squadrons and prior to the Falklands in 82. Aircraft,as far as I'm aware, were serviced by civilian fitters on the workshop site. The Dining areas were very much in the style of RAF bases with the large windows as seen in the film "The Dambusters"Accomodation was four to a mess,I later had my own tiny room.
WAAFS and WRACS were housed in the block at back of us.
We witnessed casualties from the Falklands with serious burns landing by helo in the Hospital grounds as we stood by in our Rescue vehicle.
I left Wroughton in 82 to join Air Traffic Control, Lee on Solent and left the Navy after 15yrs in 84 serving a further 2yrs with the RNR as a Volunteer.
The Hospital and accomodation site as you are aware was demolished and looking at Google Earth, the area is now clear of any structures.
Regards to all.
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War Hero
Delivery of two Wasps in 88 as they were withdrawn from active service.

HMS Euryalus and HMS Rothesays Wasp Mk 1's!!

Sad day.829-Euryalus Flt-Wroughton-1.jpg
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