RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day July 13th 2013

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. What a sad indictment of the state of the FAA :\\\\\\\\
  2. My Bessie oppo,s next door neighbours milkman says the Sea Vixen will not be attending :neutral:
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  3. <<...You are welcome to fly your party in by private aircraft if you wish...>>

    :idea: Go on, Pontius,

    Why not just divert slightly (for ahem "weather" reasons) and give your poor passengers and crew a little treat for a change, eh?. :wink:
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  4. Certainly hope that it will de a great day for all, the Grippen is a great piece of kit, F-16 still manages an awsome performance, and of course the great Vulcan displaying its 'growl'.
  5. I like the Gripen too - I nearly fell over backwards like one of those penguins mesmerised by aircraft when I was watching it at Farnborough a few years ago.
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  6. This one is for you Soleil......... GripenOrland-9238_zpsbee62dee.jpg
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  7. Although the Grippen usually seen at the airshows here is Czech .

  8. Thank you, Handler, that's a gorgeous pic.

    In return ....

  9. Practice fly past for VL Stringbag and two Wildcats from 700W squadron

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  10. Sea Vixen Foxy Lady departs Bournemouth 1430 hrs arrive VL 1500hrs approx, and stays till Wednesday . For the air day at CU

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  11. Is that Waspie getting ready to jump ??? Waspie 2.jpg
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  12. old and bold!!!! Hope he has his harness on lol
  13. Classic, Sea Vixen Mark 2 lands at RNAS Yeovilton :love10:
  14. Better put the pic up lol Sea Vixen Mk2 at Yeovilton.jpg
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  15. Wow! I didn't know a Swordfish could fly that slowly.
  16. For the record. "I don't do jumping".

    You have to be insane to jump from perfectly serviceable aircraft.

    (Stand fast SAR Divers) They were certified years ago!!!!!!!!
  17. Wasn't the Sea Vixen manufactured in Christchurch? There is a De Haviland Road in the town and at the end of it there is a Sea Vixen on a plinth!
  18. Sea Vixen goes back a bit, it came after the Sea Venom. Yeovil sea vixen 2.jpg

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